NEW MOON IN VIRGO: August 25, 2014 – Skillful Long-term Planning

NEW MOON IN VIRGO: August 25, 2014 – Skillful Long-term Planning

engagementThe energy of Mars and Mercury in aspect to Saturn has a very Virgoan mark upon it. Virgo is an Earth sign, practical and well organized. It is concerned with details and planning. It likes things to be solid and grounded. It may be a bit dry but it is strong enough to build upon and to build with, if you want a firm foundation. Get real. This is good for long-term planning and Saturn likes this!

Pace the Practicallity

Earlier I wrote about Mercury sextile Saturn. Mars is conjunct Saturn under this New Moon in Virgo. Saturn is in Scorpio so the Scorpio energy is sextile Virgo. This is good. The Sun, Moon and Mercury mesh well with Mars and Saturn. The conjunct is EXACT.  What does this mean? It means get to work and build something solid. It means it is a time when you can make lasting future plans. It means the hard subjects can be talked about and the rough edges smoothed out under this energy. It means take a disciplined and methodical approach, plan carefully, watch the details and in the end you will be rewarded with something enduring.

Avoid demanding perfection of yourself or someone else and get practical, Do the right thing (Saturn) and make solid practical plans for a new beginning under this Moon in Virgo and you will reap rewards (Saturn). The karma is good with this influence!

Avoid anger and irritation, too, under this transit because anger and irritation will only impede or prevent a new beginning, Take your foot off the brake and let life move forward in a new direction. If you do not, you will burn out your clutch and not be able to go anywhere.

Pace yourself. Be practical. Pace the practicality. This is long-term planning. Everything can and will get done as long as you plan, focus and move forward. 

Sex, Communication and Tradition

With Saturn in the mix, authority issues, authority figures and the matter of tradition arises.

Something about this may have to do with sex (Mars) , travel or communication (Mercury) and traditional rituals, routines or ceremonies or doing the right thing (Saturn).

You may want not do what is wise and best (Saturn) simply because you do not want to be “told” what to do but if you focus on details, organize your life or some matter in your life and concentrate on the benefits of doing things more traditionally (relationships, projects, etc), you will benefit. Your sex life and your communication skills will improve after this transit if you handle the transit well.


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