October 23, 2014: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio and Mercury Retrograde

October 23, 2014: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio and Mercury Retrograde

We just experienced a solar eclipse and a New Moon in Scorpio. This powerful lunation occurred at 5:57 pm EDT/11:57 pm CEST in Europe.  Solar eclipses are always very powerful New Moons and herald new beginnings.  The Full Moon on October 9, which was also a lunar eclipse in Aries, brought and ending and now under the New Moon solar eclipse in Scorpio you can start a new beginning. This particular lunation calls for new beginnings in relationship, sex, intimacy and money.

This Solar Eclipse at 0º Scorpio, conjoins Venus, the planet representing all that we love, all that we value and in particular, love, sex and money. So what makes you happy? What stirs up your heart? What juices you up for sex? With Scorpio in play, there is an ending to something that no longer serves you in sex, love, intimate relationships, money, business partnerships or joint resources, debts, taxes, mortgages and anything you value….and a rebirthing of a new beginning in one or more of these areas. This is called transformation. Saturn, the Lord of Karma, The Teacher, has been showing you what does not work and what must die. It has been showing you since October 5, 2012, what needs breaking down and overhauling in your life. You have had to face the fear and do the hard work to get through it. Hopefully you have chosen to do so, instead of resisting.

Saturn in Scorpio, combined with this New Moon solar eclipse, will DEMAND that we get REAL in relational, romantic, sexual, intimate and financial matters. It will make the demand known by giving us an ultimatum.

At the same time we have been living with Mercury retrograde since October 4 and will through Saturday October 25. When it stationed retrograde, Mercury was at 2º Scorpio on October 4, 2014,  conjunct this solar eclipse point. It will cross that same degree again on November 9 and 10, 2014.  It brought ugly revelations of dirty scandals and secrets in the first few days of the retrograde…

…and in November, it will likely bringing more news about what was uncovered in early October.

The news could be good especially between October 23-26 in the areas governed by this New Moon solar eclipse in Scorpio. There you be some good fortune, luck, and new opportunities.Where is the solar eclipse in your natal chart? This is where you will experience renewed sense of purpose, renewed energy, a reinvigorated spirit and new ideas.  If you have planets at 0-4º Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, or Aquarius (the fixed signs), you can expect prfound change in your life.

You peolle with Leo Rising who are experiencing Jupiter in Leo transiting you 1st house right now — this is an exceptionally good time for you to launch new moneymaking ideas, new projects, new entrepreneurial pursuits etc. You will succeed in creating a strong foundation for the financial success coming to you when Jupiter in Virgo begins in your 2nd house in August 2015. Lay the foundation now. Do the hard work, You will see some great results now and AWESOME results in 2015-2016.

Rest up because you will need you energy these next few days. Set your intentions according to the house where Scorpio is located.

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