Opening Your Mouth, Following Your Heart: December 6, 2014 – Full Moon in Gemini

Opening Your Mouth, Following Your Heart: December 6, 2014 – Full Moon in Gemini

prisonerofthemindFull Moons are about releasing what has built up and coming to conclusion. Full Moon are about relieving pressure. Full Moons are about coming into fulfillment. Full Moons are about endings that mus come before new beginnings.

Saturday’s Full Moon in Gemini is a lunation that is about all these things, bringing us especially to the gateway where we approach winter. It is the last Full Moon during harvest season, before winter. It is one which is also less stressful than the ones we have had this season.

Because it is a Gemini Moon, ruled by mercury, the messenger god of communication and transportation, it is an opportunity for us to communicate and finally say what has been unsaid. While we risk saying too much, it may well be because we have, in the past and recent past, said nothing or too little. Now it may be a bit explosive (like the proverbial “diarrhea of the mouth”). Chiron in Pisces is square this lunation so people may seriously emotionally wound with their words. Watch what yo say and how you say it. On the other hand, Sagittarius energy can be greatly insensitive and rude, but whatever is said, it is actually a release from the core.

Sabian Symbol – Two Dutch Children Talking

The Sabian symbol for this lunation Gemini 15 is Two Dutch Children Talking. The symbol representing the karmic condition prior to this was about the strong connection between two people (Gemini 14: A Conversation By Telepathy). This connection is still there and and there is someone or something you need to communicate about, but out loud now. The connection and conversation has been under wraps, as tough you needed to communicate silently to maintain the bond but hide it from others (or so you thought). “Two Dutch children” here symbolizes a language that only the two children understand and no one else around them. They have a bond and a secret language. just as lovers have a secret language and a bind between them unlike with anyone else. Now it must come out into the open. It is time to release and say what must be said, in a public manner.

Open Your Mouth

I like Gemini and Virgo energy because they communicate. They bring us to use thoughts and words to express ourselves. Gemini is more about the intellect and thought. It likes to talk about the principles and theories. It likes to be general. Where Sagittarius, its opposite sign, where the Sun is now transiting, gets fiercely down into the dogma of religion, Gemini floats on the surface, challenging the dogma with multiple  theories of spirituality. Gemini, like Virgo is mutable energy and ready to look at any side, to engage in a dialogue and to do lots of give and take in a dialogue. With the Full Moon in Gemini, there is a spiritual urging for us to release all the thoughts and observations we have been holding in our heads.

Follow Your Heart

The Sun in Sagittarius is part of this Full Moon and Sagittarius is an energy that can no no boundaries. It dislikes limitations and restrictions. It wants what it wants. It comes from the heart and the gut and it puts it out there. This can be blunt, rude, rough, and ridiculous — but so it is. As Saturn transits Sagittarius over the next 2.5 years it will rein in Sagittarius and limitations and restriction will be put in place and learned. But for now, under this Full Moon in Gemini, do not be surprised if people — especially Uranian types, Aquarius and Aries people quite unexpectedly and fiercely break their chains and break themselves out of prisons of silence and lonely solitude and follow their heart to LOVE.

Why? It is because both Venus in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries are touched off by this lunation in a fiery conjunct and trine, respectively. The planet of love and money is busting out of jail, kicking the jailer’s butt and boldly, courageously going after who and what the heart wants. it has lived in prison too long and suffered in silence too long waiting for empty promises to be fulfilled. Uranus in Aries portends that some people will be shocked by the boldness of the people who no longer sit imprisoned in chains taking crap from other. Even cool, aloof Aquarius people have warm (Leo) hearts and they may well go after what their heart is yearning for after being locked down in solitary confinement.

Is it time YOU followed your heart? This weekend you may find yourself no longer content to only have that hidden silent connection with someone very important. You may realize must do something to stand up and be a free woman or man.

The Quest – Fighting to Win

The quest degree of this Full Moon is Gemini 16: A Woman Suffragist Haranguing. Once you break free you must go for what you want. You must lobby, petition and beat back any opposition to getting what you want. If you could stand up to your prison warden and break free, now you can fight and conquer any obstacle to getting what you want. It will not be easy, but if you maintain your principles, keep your focus and stay centered on the goal, you will win.

Venus is transiting the Galactic Center – a hot-spot for gaining clarity on what we dream about and bringing it to practical and real manifestation in the next week after the Full Moon in Gemini.

Venus in Sagittarius at this Full Moon is at Sagittarius 25. A chubby boy on a hobby horse. What lovely energy we have on this Full Moon in Gemini because Venus in Sagittarius is trine Jupiter in Leo, a wonderful aspect of good fortune, expansion, abundance and joy. There is festive energy all around with this movement outside and within us. It is a time to enjoy, relax, play, and yet keep a balance between what we must do and what we want to do.

Two Options

So, after you break out of prison and have the freedom to go for what your heart wants and announce to the world whatever or whoever it is, will you buy that plane or train ticket, get on board and go get whomever/whatever?

The other option is you could intellectually martyr yourself in your prison, think you have another month six months or year to wait out your tireless prison guard (who is really YOU)..and cause yourself to lose what you love.

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