OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE: Cardinal Grand Cross – April 22, 2014

OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE: Cardinal Grand Cross – April 22, 2014


resurrectionAs I write this, the Easter Sunday holiday, April 20, is approaching. Easter symbolizes for the Christian world the historic and spiritual event of Jesus of Nazareth being crucified on a cross and left to hang until dead, being buried, and then rising again to eternal life, his physical body never to be found. This event took three days.

The symbol of the cross and the story of the crucifixion of Jesus is one about transformation. It is about a change that comes through going into the deepest darkest depths, dying to one life and resurrecting to another life, a new life.

A major event of three day’s length is beginning on Easter Sunday, April 20: a Cardinal Grand Cross. It starts at 8:31am CEST (Copenhagen) when Jupiter at 13º 29′ Cancer is in square aspect with Uranus at 13º 29′ Aries. It ends with a square aspect between retrograde Mars at 13º 34 ‘ Libra and retrograde Pluto at 13º degrees 34’ Capricorn, at 2:51pm CEST (Copenhagen) on April 23.

This is a transformative opportunity we all have to end one way of living and begin anew with another life. It will take three days before it becomes an exact aspect of 13º in four signs.
This exact Cardinal Grand Cross affecting all of us occurs at 13° Uranus in Aries/13º Jupiter in Cancer/13º Mars in Libra (retrograde)/13º Pluto in Capricorn at 7:57am CEST (Copenhagen) on April 22, 2014.

Opportunity to Transform

As we build up to this Cardinal Grand Cross, think about
  • what you need to grieve, release and let die (Pluto);
  • where and how you need to overcome fear and be courageous and assertive in taking action (Mars)
  • where you need to expand and take on a a positive perspective and approach (Jupiter)
  • where you are being called to do a new and perhaps radical thing in your life (Uranus)
This is a beautiful opportunity to make POSITIVE lasting changes in your life. You can leave behind what is not working and create a new self, a new YOU. Let everyone and everything that wants to leave your life leave it. Let those who scorn you scorn you for their time is nearly done. Release those who plot against you in secret with passive-aggressive actions or boldly do malicious things.  Let those who abuse power around you do so, for their time is coming to an end in your life. Leave these people to their negative and dead-end lives. They are irrelevant and unimportant to the powerful, transformed life you have ahead of you. They do not have the power to destroy who you really are (“Death, where is thy sting?”)
Get out of your head and into your heart (Jupiter in Cancer) if you want to benefit from this celestial event. Create a partnership and committed connection with someone (Mars in Libra) because that is part of the new life. In fact, speaking of these two elements, I will not be surprised if there are many surprise marriage proposals because people will be realizing it is “now or never” and awakening to the fact that their salvation is in a heart connection with someone in their lives. Marriage relationships and other partnerships that have become fragile and been hanging on by a flimsy thread will break.
You have before you the opportunity with this Cardinal Grand Cross to put to death any elements of yourself, or your entire persona if need be. You will lose possessions, people and situations that no longer fit the new you. You can emerge on the other side of this Cardinal Grand Cross as a new person, on a new path, firmly heading in a positive and progressive direction.

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If you have been honorable, ethical and loving, no matter what challenges have arisen in life, after April 23, no one will prevent you from attaining your goals because you will be on a positive and upward path.

After those three days of suffering, death and resurrection, Jesus of Nazareth became Jesus Christ, leader of one of the most powerful religions in the world for centuries to come, to this day.

Ride the wave of emotional flexibility, compassion and caring for yourself and others. Stay positive. Commit to change. Know that when you go under, no matter how shocking, violent or harsh things may seem, you will rise again and emerge a new and powerful person in some way, in some area of your life.

The reward will be a transformed, lightened and expanded life.

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