Organizing Life: August 25, 2014 – Mercury Sextile Mars

Organizing Life: August 25, 2014 – Mercury Sextile Mars

lunchchattingWe have a great opportunity for mind-body-spirit connection with today’s New Moon in Virgo. With Mercury sextile Mars, there is plenty of energy to think (mind) things through, be inspired  (spirit) motivated to follow it with action (body).It is a great time for witty conversations, quick solutions, and communications of all types. Telephones will be ringing, internet lines buzzing, fingers will be tapping on keyboards and people will be writing and talking. In fact it could be quite pleasant, no, delightful a day in that respect. This is a busy day with a few aspects and we may find we have a full calendar shortly after the morning begins — if we have not already filled it with appointments and activities. We can accomplish a lot today with Mars in the mix.

Keep the sense of competition in check and it will be an especially effective day without stepping on people’s toes. A little healthy competition is good and helps us sharpen our wits and abilities. But competing with yourself is always the best for of competition see how you can improve yourself, not dominate someone else. Make some lists of things you want to get done, clean your space and some area of your life (examine where transiting Mercury and transiting Mars are in your chart right now.

AAAtruckThere will be a big focus on getting organized and something about this organization brings or concerns healing. I love both these things with my Sun in Virgo. Virgo is co-ruled by Mercury (communication, travel) and Chiron (healing). It is time to bring healing to some area of your life and get a new start. You can initiate the energy under this New Moon in Virgo by cleaning out your closet in some area. Mercury in Virgo is opposing Chiron in Pisces so taking action to heal and move forward is mighty appropriate indeed! You will be rewarded down the road. Wounds always need to be washed out before they are treated and bandaged for healing. Your gas ran out, your radiator went dry and all some of your tires may have become punctured and you have no jack. You have been sitting on the side of the highway, stuck, but You had a cell phone to call AAA and you have been waiting. AAA is most certainly Mercury (transportation) sextile Mars (action).

While waiting, you cleaned out the glove compartment, all the things you have been collecting in the front and back seat and in hatch of the car. All the old papers, half eaten food, mail, remnants from other people and general junk. You have had time to dig deep into the crevices of the dashboard and other areas and dig out the sticky, gummy, dirt and crumbs. You have had time to use the small electric vacuum on the carpet, wipe down the seats with leather upholstery cleaner and spray wipe the windows (I always keep car cleaning supplies in a bucket in rear tire well. Now, here comes AAA with antifreeze, gasoline, and assistance to put on your spare tires. After he finishes assisting and supplying you, he drives away and you are ready to go.

Now, you can start your journey anew.

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