Playing Well With Others

Playing Well With Others

It is not unusual that in the midst of a live Tarot reading for someone, they ask me about why a particular person is behaving a certain way. However I am seeing it so much more lately and their is a higher note of anger and frustration in the voice than before. I think this is because Jupiter in Libra is calling forth a strong sense of fair play, justice and balance in people. People want to be treated well and if you are iunwilling to be fair, people are ready to walk away.

I can recall that when I was younger if my siblings and I did not share our toys or games, they were eventually taken from us. Life is like that in this universe.

Lately I find myself having to tell people that they are dealing with situations in which they must negotiate and when finally it does not work, it is time to take another direction. I always first recommend negotiation, mediation, discussion, any attempt to find common ground and partner with each other. Many people are at their wits end. Marriage/couples counseling, mediation, business partnership discussions and “the talk” is on the table for many people.



Play Fair, Be Balanced

Why can’t I have an equal piece of the pie, is the question on many people’s minds

If you look at the Justice card of the Tarot, the major arcana card which symbolizes Libra you can see the scales. They are about balance, justice, fiar play, and most importantly, the indication that one is affected by the other. You cannot try to take or simply take all the toys, say smiling platitudes about your “abundance”, be controlling of people and things and then expect that you will be successful and beloved. I see this happening, especially in spirituality circles.

When you do this, you are not truly abundant. You are being a bully. You are being a fraud and unfair. It will come back to you. Karma is in those scales!

We are not living in a time anymore where we aloofly pretend that we do not know what we say and do (or do not say and do!) affects other people. Now is the time to be not only sensitive to this, but to act on it. You can hurt someone or yhou can heal someone.

You can do something passive aggressive and pretend that you did not know you affected the other person (Libran tendency!), or you can be direct and deal with whatever must be handled (Arian tendency), even if you do not win in the situation. It is always possible to come to a peace. Enemies can become friends. People can gain understanding of each other. People forgive and share. Spiritually evolved people live balanced lives.

Wealth, Well-being and Spirituality

Abundance, spiritual evolution and balance are not mutually exclusive. You can be a wealthy spiritual entrepreneur or a spiritually ingetrated, affluent homemaker. Money and spirituality are not polar opposites.  Spread love. Make Money. Change the World.

Jupiter in Libra is from September 9, 2016 to October 10, 2017. If you want to be successful in the longterm, be direct, honest and fair to others. Play well.

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