Pluto in Capricorn 2008-2024

Pluto in Capricorn 2008-2024


Pluto in Capricorn:

January 25, 2008 – January 20, 2024

We human beings and the world will be deeply transformed by the transit of Pluto through Capricorn (2008-2024). We will demand and take our freedom from the tryanny of abuse of power by governments and big business, as well as abuses in money/finances and sex/sexuality issues. There will be a new form of a Declaration of Independence.

The last time Pluto transited Capricorn was January 7, 1762 – January 1778. Great Britain was the superpower at teh time. But the warring, bloodshed and colonization and enslavement of people that built it cost it dearly. Attempts to raise money via new taxes brought rebellion and the rise of what became the United States of America and the next superpower.  Great Britain decided to raise money by forcing the natives in India, which it had invaded and colonized, to operate a drug trade (opium) with China. In turn the ships brought back tea to sell to the wealthy, and used the ships for the slave trade the profits of which were all supported by the British government, albeit unofficially. The London Stock Exchange was created with the growth of these government approved slave trade and drug trade profits. Interestingly, Iraq was a main communication route between India and Britain. When the profits simply were not enough, a tea tax was imposed on the Americas, and well, we know what happened there. You can read all the details in a great article by Shane Ward, written on May 2, 2004. First Great Britain lost America and then they lost face and had to reconsider their position in the world.


Pluto in Capricorn, Interpreted

Capricorn is a cardinal Earth sign, so it governs the material and physical realm — particularly commerce, corporate business, finance, and lasting solid building structures. It is ruled by Saturn, the Taskmaster and Parent/Father. It’s a sign of breadth and depth, whose efforts tend to be big in scale. Capricorn digs in its heels and climbs slowly BUT sure to the top. It is a quiet yet successful ambition sign.

Pluto’s effect by sign position is generational, collective or global, rather than personal. This means everyone in a particular generation has Pluto in the same sign, and it therefore effects and characterizes the psyches of entire generations. Right now there are people with Pluto in Cancer who are still alive and are experiencing deja vû as Pluto in Capricorn raises up the same issues they experienced as children and youth.

Pluto is the planet whose planetary purpose is to transform through killing, ending, destroying and going to to depths – the home of darkness and the things that scare us). It eradicates that which is preventing us from evolving. It will, between 2008 and 2024, transform our societies through destroying, removing and putting to to death destructive practices, policies and persons followed by a rebirth of that which is better suited to our long-term growth and prosperity.

Pluto in Capricorn:
Small business owners must fight
big businesss/govt rules to survive,
but can thrive!

Pluto’s energy breaks down faulty or corrupt structures that have become barriers to growth, doing so even as we attempt to dig in and cling to the familiar. It crumbles before and beneath us. Pluto sends us into the pit of darkness to face the worst parts of ourselves and what we have created. Pluto shows us where we have become toxic and polluted. It removes the light at the end of the tunnel until we dig deep and purge the foulness that sits deep within and which we thought was hidden. Until we clean it up, clear away the decks and build new and solid structures in our societies and personal lives, we will be ground into dust and broken into crumbled pieces. Life will be hard unless we reform,  transmute and begin living in cleaner, more compassionate, more stable ways.

‘When Pluto has finished its long transit, and if you have done the work, you will see the light of day, realizing how strong you are  (you are much stronger than you think and Pluto will teach you that).  Your faith will be restored and strengthened as you realize how much you have achieved.

Pluto Opposite Capricorn (Pluto in Cancer)

To give a sense of how Pluto works and what occurs during it, think back to July 1913 – June 1939. During that time, security and faith in home and family as well as the world in general was shaken and then broken for many people we saw the rise and spread of psychoanalysis and psychology.This is when astronomy began to be separated into both and art and a science, with astrology becoming the psychological or “art” side of it in the western world. This was the time of The Great Depression and severe poverty hit hard. World War I and World War II, with the ugly rise of Nazism occurred. People were starving in the streets selling apple’s to exist and going without basic necessities of life. The very rich partied while the hungry, malnourished and unemployed poor suffered and died in the dirty streets of tuberculosis and other diseases. The stock market rose to heights based on the corporate business practices Chase Manhattan Bank and other financial institutions and then because of those corrupt practices,  the bubble exploded and they fell, taking with them the American economy. The economy simply collapsed because of their policies and practices. Homes and families were torn apart. People took to the road, traveling across the country to find work and food, their homes become trucks, wagons and what they could put in a makeshift suitcase. Pluto in Cancer revolutionized home and family and the corporate business world and government. The American government entered in and brought about reforms in the business world because otherwise the country and its people were about the be permanently destroyed. Many reforms and changes in belief in both home and family were put in place as a result of what occurred during Pluto in Cancer, in order to brig about stability ans security.

Pluto in Capricorn: Homeless Families
Pluto in Capricorn:
Homeless Familieis

Now Pluto in Capricorn, the opposite sign, is the drama playing out, affecting the same two areas of life, although now our focus is more on the business and financial realms and secondarily on how it is affecting the home and family realm. Chase Bank (formerly Chase Manhattan) is at the center of the corporate business practices in American society’s foundations prior to and during The Great Recession which hit in 2008. The stock market and big business is again at the center. The same things have been and are repeating themselves as though lessons were forgotten, not learned or ignored. Families and homes have been torn apart and many have in fact lost their homes. The wealthy can afford home and the poor, which is the majority, cannot get the banks, rescued by the government with taxpayer money, to give them loans or give them loans at low affordable interest rates to afford a home. Family and home is a transitory ting again, with people unable to settle and be secure and stable. In either case, it is at its core, about security. Both Pluto in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn are about the same thing,

It was only after economic and government reforms were put into place to change the way we operate that families saw abundance — and the entrance of Pluto in Leo, which lives life large and abundant. after all that suffering, the home and the ability to buy if affordable house prices and low interest rate mortgages came into being. The home, family, stability and security were re-established and in abundance. Having a home became a POWERFUL sign that all was finally right with the world again. People centered life around it after so many years of desperation, decline, destruction, doom and death. I believe we will see the same prosperity and abundance around home and family in 2024/2025 when Leo in Aquarius begins, after more endings, deaths, cleansing and purging, reforms and transformations  under Pluto in Capricorn.  That is 10 years from now. We have 10 more years to clean the abscess and heal the wound of  the abuse of power, money and sex.

Obsessions, Corruption and Power

It is ugly out there. Pluto digs deep and uncovers what we are trying to hide. In in Pluto in Cancer it uncovered corporate business greed, corruption in government and big business, corruption in the stock market, sick behavior occurring in families (alcoholism and child abuse was incredibly common in the early 20th century!) We are seeing obsessive, arrogantly compulsive greed, and desperate actions come to light as we unearth the instability of our financial systems. The psyche of people at the head of these systems is sick and distorted. The systems themselves are sick and distorted. Not uncommonly when the truth is revealed, there are no apologies, only anger and a deadly battle waged against those who uncover the foul center.  We are now clearly seeing that values are faulty if not distorted. There is little harmony with life. The focus is on death and deadly practices that harm other people and the environment in an effort for a few people to take and have it all. Abundance thinking is gone. Scarcity mindset is reigning. The government is in bed with big business and they want the light turned out and the door shut so they can continue. Did you know the private bank called the Federal Reserve charges interest on the money it prints for the American. government, so that each dollar issued by this private bank adds to the national debt? This is only one thing which was hidden but now in the light must be reformed.

War and Bloodshed

Just as under Pluto in Cancer, we have gone to war and are stuck in a warring mode. Uranus in Aries is at work during Pluto in Capricorn and we are living in fear mode. Then, under Pluto in cancer, as now, under Pluto in Capricorn, we are fighting foreign wars around the world, in hopes it will give us stability at home Then we fought defensively after being attacked. Now, what began as a defensive measure has been expanded to an offensive measure, fighting anyone who might possibly be a threat. Pluto in Capricorn is full of darkness — and we in fact face our darkest selves and how deadly we are willing to be out of our sense of vulnerability AND our arrogant sense of power. We want to claim victory as we did in World War I and World War II.

Follow the Money

Capricorn (and Cancer to a minor degree) is about power. Power hierarchies are falling during this time. Powerful people are under scrutiny.The very wealthy are under the microscope. The monied elite are feeling the burn of Pluto during this time of extreme wealth and extreme poverty. Extremes, a Pluto characteristic, are unsustainable and Pluto in Capricorn will make it clear until we change and start practicing sustainable habits. It is Pluto’s time to follow the money  as they say, and that will lead to exposure of more and more systems and practices that must be ended and changed so home ad family, the heart of American society, can once again become stable.  Pluto WILL disable and destroy any corrupt and unstable systems.

Nasty Sex and Nasty Attitudes Around Sexuality

Under Pluto in Capricorn we will also have a transit of Saturn in Scorpio and that will occur at about the 30th anniversary of the emergence of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Expect there to be some news about a possible cure but maybe attempts ot deny it to people through making it too expensive for everyone to afford. Big (pharma and insurance business will want to profit off of this sexually related disease. Laws around women’s bodies, reproductive health and in effect sexuality will arise once again. Expect some nastiness from governments and businesses as they regulate what women cna do with their bodies and whether or not they can have sex and with whom and what they must go through if they get pregnant. I will be elite wealthy men in political power and big business making making the rules. Expect to hear ssex scandals galore. We have been and will hear more about sexual debauchery, sexual abuse and dark sexual extremes that people are into, in the dark. People you would not think of as anything but “upright” will be exposed as being involved in pornography, BDSM sex clubs, and other things. The issue of gay marriage will be on the table as more and more states demand marriage equality — but the fight back against it from the conservative elite wealthy who hold positions of power in government and the private sector will be harsh.

Cardinal Grand Cross (2010-2015)

In the midst of Pluto in Capricorn we will have three years of a POWERFUL aspect in the world. The Cardinal Grand Cross will hit us multiple times with the configuration  itself and multiple Cardinal Grand Square aspects. It means that Uranus in Aries will angrily slam up against big government and demand change even if bloodshed is necessary. Uranus in Aries played out at the time of World War II. It means Jupiter in Cancer will push for expansion of the comfort and stability of home and family and the creation of babies so that we have a human future. It means Saturn in Libra and Mars in Libra will grind away with diplomacy and insistence on action to restore balance.
It also means people will begin rethinking their values and priorities because they have less money to spend. They must spend it on quality rather than quantity and practice delayed gratification. People will learn to get themselves financially free or to avoid debt by not taking on certain expenses in the first place. The government is going to need to reform the student loan system and forgive past debts so people can move forward financially free. there simply is no way to get out form under the crushing burden of student loan debt that you have been carrying for 30 years while underemployed or unemployed due to corrupt business practices such as at-will employment and poverty-level road-to-financial-freedomminimum wages. People will learn to invest in what has lasting value such as precious metals, foodstuff, real estate and human care.

The Plutonic Darkness of Money

Pluto shows us where we have shame, guilt and lack of control. For the USA and most Americans, Pluto in Capricorn is unearthing shame, guilt and feelings of powerlessness around money. The overspending and debt will be revealed in its extreme. Your habits will be evident to all. You will either have or not have and the reason why will be clear. If you have been overspending, not practicing delayed gratification, living on credit and spending money to create a facade of a life, get ready to be embarrassed.
But the purpose of Pluto in Capricorn is NOT to hurt you; the reason Pluto in Capricorn unearths this darkness around money is to help you end your negative relationships to money and transform it into a positive one. Financial freedom is the goal. It is to help you heal your finances — eliminate debt and get financially free. It’s purpose is to help you acknowledge your thoughts, emotions and practices around money and cleanse them. You are not your money and having debt doe snot make you unworthy. You only need transform your emotions and relationship to money and you will regain power over your life.

The Pldebtorsprisoninamericautonic Darkness of Credit

We can see in the collective for example, that new rules and regulations benefiting corporations, is exactly what occurred in 17th century pre-Colonial America, which was the last time Pluto was in Capricorn. Debtor’s prisons existed! Debtor’s prison exist now through credit reporting agencies. In the USA, Experian and other credit reporting agencies work for big business to publicly maintain records for several years to prevent people who have debt or once had debt from getting back on their feet. They use mathematical systems they devise in order to create scores that determine whether or not you can buy a home or get a loan and how high the interest will be if you do. The system is rigged to keep all but the most wealthy from abundance. These credit reporting agency reports brand you like a 7-10 year prison sentence. Even if you pay off the debt or settle it, the record or prison sentence remains instead of being removed. People cannot open a bank account, rent and apartment, buy a home, or many other things, due to the imprisoning effect.  Under Pluto in Capricorn you will be faced with your wounds of money and credit and how it makes you feel and be powerless. However, there will also be opportunity to heal your financial wounds and get control of yourself, Your life and your fiances.

 So what does Pluto in Capricorn mean for you and for the collective? Get quiet, surrender to the pressure before it breaks you and not only listen to but obey the voice that tells you to clean up areas of your life (power, money, sex and whatever house it is transiting). Do what you know you must do, no matter how painful.

There is also something prophetic in what Shane Ward writes:

Pluto goes into Capricorn when a nation that has risen to greatness is on the back end of a war that has cost a fortune. So great is this cost that they seek to recover their losses in a grossly unfair and oppressive manner; So powerful is the need to obtain money that even companies become big and powerful enough to run other countries. The people suffer until the burden becomes oppressive. The control and manipulation becomes so much that they say enough is enough. They demand the unalienable rights of ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’. Those who tried to impose their will on others were turned back.

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