Practical Love Redux – October 8, 2015 – Venus in Virgo

Practical Love Redux – October 8, 2015 – Venus in Virgo

It has been a heck of a few (four) months for Virgos.

Venus travelled through bombastic, loudmouth, showy Leo with all its fire from June 5 and then arrived at pure, orderly, mellow Virgo on July 18 and promptly went retrograde. By July 25 it was back in Leo and both money and love went berserk. So many Sun in Leos and Sun Aquarius I know went wacky. One even was involved in some social media-publicized sexual ctivities on a mountain in Bavaria that people in neighboring Denmark who know about it are still describing as “debauched”.

Venus is now leaving Leo again entering Virgo on October 8 and will remain there until November 8. When Venus is in Virgo, we express our love through practicality and common sense. We realize love is not all stars and romance but the finer details and the hard nitty-gritty work. We realize it means being there for your partners and putting in effort. Leo showed how how to make a big show of things, make grand gestures, put on party faces and be loud and entertaining. It was exhausting.


Now arises Venus in Virgo again. Earth sign Virgo requires communication, service and dedication in love. We ask ourselves if the relationships and whatever we do within it are making sense. Love takes on the understand that it is about quietly rendering service to the other, fulfilling a need, dedicating oneself.Are we taking care of our health and the health the relationship?

On the financial side, as Venus governs money, we are now faced with implementing order and organization in our financial lives. Does it make sense to spend this money or not? Is it wise? Are we being self-indulgent? Are we giving where we can and what we can? Are we saving and thinking before we spend? Are we taking a moderate, considered approach without lots of flash and bang?

Venus in Virgo looks at the practical and considers the the facts. After all the flash and bang we have had Since June 5, 2015 we have had to deal with Venus in Leo. Now after four (4) months, we get a more considered, quiet, pure energy around love. The fire has died down, now let’s build something lasting and  significant from the purity of what remains!




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