My relationship with my husband is greatly strained and I came to Specialwoman not knowing what to do and what my options are. The situation has had me stressed out for over a year. She gave me a Tarot consultation package that not only got to the heart of the issues and gave me insight; it gave me OPTIONS and I now I have something firm I can use to make some changes. I am not sure the marriage will survive, but I have confidence now I will be more in control of myself and able to take charge of my life! I understand better now the dynamics of my marriage and myself. That’s priceless! I can only say THANK YOU 😉 — Danielle  10/07/2014

What can I say? Specialwoman is My Queen, My Divine Healer, My Sassy Soul Mama! My career would be in the toilet without all she has done for me with tarot readings and tarot coaching for the last 14 years. When we first met I told her I wanted to grow my career from being a paralegal making $25K a year I have held onto Specialwoman and her Tarot coaching every step of the way, sometimes weekly and I am now a corporate exec making $165K. Soon I take the bar exam. I am even beyond where I dreamed I would be and Specialwoman got me here! All Praise to My Specialwoman.  — Ginny 09/25/2014

Specialwoman is my GO TO WOMAN! For 15 years she has helped me steer clear of relationship disasters and make good investments in my personal and professional future. There is NOTHING I cannot talk to her about. She is THE BEST. She knows my needs before I even say them! She is always clear,  direct and RIGHT when she gives me direction. — Jennifer 8/28/2014

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