PREPARING FOR A NEW LIFE: June 27, 2014 – New Moon in Cancer

PREPARING FOR A NEW LIFE: June 27, 2014 – New Moon in Cancer

preparenursery-1Often it is the woman in a relationship who is first and foremost open to the creation of a bay and having a family. For men it represents a dramatic change in life. It means adjusting and re-adjusting and changing priorities. It can be a shock. However, there comes a point where he realizes that the coming of new life is a momentous joy. How many men have seen their pregnant wife or their newborn child and vowed to do everything in their power to protect them?

We have just welcomed a new baby into our family with the birth of my great niece (my niece’s daughter). My niece and her partner are now transforming the second bedroom in their apartment into a nursery.  All their love, dedication and instincts for protection are going into this nursery as they prepare a space for this new little human being who represents new life and a legacy.

We have a New Moon in Cancer on June 27  at 5º37″ Cancer. The Sabian Symbol for that degree is Cancer 6: Game Birds Feathering Their Nests. The keynote is “an instinctual dedication of self to new forms of life. The keywords are: help, tutelage, safety, security, emotions, protection.

Wrecking Your Car

The Sabian Symbol before this one representing the New Moon is Cancer 5: At A Railroad Crossing, An Automobile Is Wrecked By A Train. The keynote is “the tragic results which are likely to occur when the individual’s will pits itself carelessly against the power of the collective will of society. The keywords are:  accidents, crises, dispersion, recklessness, risk, courage.

What this Sabian Symbol speaks about here is about dogged persistence in pursuing what we want as an individual (driving our own car) even though it conflicts with the community (the train). We end up stuck on the railroad tracks and have a tragic accident. We may survive but our car does not. Others may also get hurt.

The message here is about how we learn our lessons through destructive experiences. We do things that are deep, dark and shameful that we would not want a future husband or wife to know about us, or really anyone. We sink really low or crash very hard and then realize through this negative experience (or negative relationship) that we must change. We cannot continue living like this, or really, we will die in some form. This is a karmic readjustment.

A young couple moving into a house.It is with this realization that we welcome new life.

The game birds represent spiritual forces and the nest is society or a social context such as a family. The feathering is a preparation, such as creating a nursery or buying a home or family car. It is adjusting to your partner’s different culture and customs instead of insisting on your culture being dominant. Men typically must adjust to the woman’s culture because if she is not happy with their home and how they live, he won’t be happy. When Mama is happy, then he can be happy. Together they integrate their differences and build a new family and new subculture.

On a spiritual level, this spiritual growth ad the attainment of a higher consciousness that is more open to new forms and expressions of life. It is an openness to cooperation and symbiosis.

Nude Tango

The quest or goal of this New Moon in Cancer is revealed in the next degree, Cancer 7: Two Nature Spirits Dancing Under The Moonlight. The keynote is “the play of invisible forces in all manifestations of life”. The keywords are hidden happiness, finding the right person is the ultimate goal, and the importance of romance, love and marriage.

Love has an ethereal nature. You feel it or you do not. You feel it with one person but not with another. You know it when you feel it. It is a hidden feeling until suddenly it is not anymore.You know when you have found the person you love and who is the right person to marry. At this New Moon, with it powerful energy (not only is it a New Moon, the Moon rules the sign of Cancer)the light of the moon will illuminate in your heart and spirit the knowledge of who is in your life that is the “right person” for this new life you are embarking on.

interracialfamily-1Even if you are already married or have been involved with someone for several years, there is something “new” beginning here and there is someone with whom you are to share this journey of the next phase of life.

You may well know it and been holding back from joining together. Now, it is time, before you wreck your car and possibly yourself, to make a re-adjustment in your behavior.

It is time for you to shed your clothes (pretense, walls of defense, anger, lies and hidden behaviors, destructive behaviors, arrogance etc) and join your partner in a nude tango under the moonlight.

Put an end to the stagnancy in your life, join your partner/society and create new life and legacy.

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