Releasing Anger and Resolving Crisis – February 22, 2016 – Full Moon in Virgo

Releasing Anger and Resolving Crisis – February 22, 2016 – Full Moon in Virgo

healingheartfreedomWe have a full moon at 03°33′ Virgo, on Monday, February 22nd and it is an explosive one that if used well, will give release and relief to things that have been pent up, held back, withheld, imbalanced and at critical mass for a long time. This is the time to release anger and resolve crisis. This harkens back to September 2015 and will affect the new eclipse coming March 8. Emotional baggage must and will be unpacked and aired out so you can move forward on a new journey without the dead weight.

However, this will not be easy, fun or neat.

Virgo does not like messes and disorder but emotions are messy and disorder comes with it.  However, Virgo does realize the need to be practical about the fact that emotions exist and must be expressed. With Mars in Scorpio aspecting this moon, think blood, war, fights, police and anger. Saturn in Sagittarius is in very loose aspect so lurking off in the distance are the issues of freedom and commitment. The major theme resulting from the combined effects of the September 2015 Solar Eclipse in Virgo and Lunar Eclipse in Aries?

The matter of healing a broken heart.

This is not to say it will be healed. It is only to say a broken heart and whether or not it will be healed are here with this Full Moon in Virgo. This is feminine energy so the core problem of the inner heart pain is related to:

  • expectations
  • control or a friendship.
  • treatment of women
  • separation
  • continuance of an unhealthy relationship

It may be a romance, a parent-child relationship or a friendship. February 8 gave us a New Moon in Aquarius and the opportunity to do crisis management, detach and handle things better than they have been handled in the past. As a consequence of that, over the last two weeks there has been a chance in love or money and a new direction taken. All of this is related to healing the broken heard and addressing control issues – imbalances in relationship with a woman (and you may be the woman, of course).

Be careful about fighting authority, be it institutional, professional or personal. You will likely lose the fight and your dignity. Do not be impulsive, act in any way that is destructive or become demanding. Take those jumpy, irritated, agitated feelings and go to the gym, go for a run, do anything physical you can to expense that energy. Count to 50 before answering a provocation, no matter how right you may be. People are apt to be RUTHLESS under this Full Moon in Virgo, and with precision

BUT…if you have been in the receiving end of someone’s ruthless control and manipulation for a long time…if you have been the victim of their bullying, this lunation will empower you with the motivation and ruthlessness needed for a strong ego to protect itself and loved ones to ensure survival for the future. The controlling person has played his/her final move and lost the game. You have been changing and adapting and altering your life for the last 5 years or so and the pain has been great. Now you have reach the end of that journey.

The stress that has built up can now be released through expressing anger, pure anger. That employer who wrongfully fired you for the color of your skin and owes you money? You will see and end come to this situation.  That potential mother-in-law who has been perversely controlling your boyfriend to prevent you from marrying and having children? She will find she gets her consequences for her manipulation and abuse of you via your boyfriend. The institution that claims it is representing the love of God but which has been acting corruptly behind the scenes will be brought to account.

Your heart can heal now and you can be free to love anew. Perhaps there is a NEW person for you. The beginnings will feel shaky but you will get your footing in March and be able to stand, walk and then run.

You see, what the Moon represents has been overpowered and abused by the Sun.  Women or the submissive partner have been dominated by men or a dominant person who was able to control the relationship. The public has been suppressed by institutions and people in authority.

Now the frustrations and seething anger of the Moon can unleash this destructive energy back at the Sun to correct wrongs and balance the scales. The abused and victimized will have what they need to regain their dignity and human rights. Take for example the current fight by Apple against the U.S. government, who is demanding that it be given a backdoor into everyone’s phone and therefore their lives. Apple is saying NO and everyone is being them. People have had enough abuse, enough being raped and beaten in all manners.

Uranus Square Pluto: Evolutionary Change

The Uranus/Pluto Square has left us all in the aftermath of some type of suffering. With Neptune in Pisces, we are awash in the pain as though stuck in the ocean bring stung by jellyfish and surrounded by sharks. But now we have the tide giving us the push we need to swim to shore rather than drown. This Full Moon in Virgo is the last push of the Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn square and its affect on us. We are coming to completion.

Expect radical and extreme change requiring quick adaptation. Your life is being overhauled. Move fast or lose.  You or someone has hemmed and hawed long enough. Delays now mean that painful endings will remain the outcome. Total commitment to change in home, work, lifestyle etc means that there will be immediate and permanent positive new beginnings.

Your extreme suffering is ending and your extreme patience will be rewarded. You have evolved.

What do you choose?

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