RENEWAL AND RELEASE: A New Moon in Cancer & Grand Water Trine

Just let go. Let it go. Yes, let it go

That is the message the Universe is giving us with this New Moon in Cancer as it hooks up in a wonderfully cool Grand Water Trine with Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Once you let it all go, you will be refreshed, healed and renewed.

A Grand Water Trine (a three-way harmonious aspect) is supportive energy that comes like a feeling of unconditional love, a breath of fresh air, a healing in your soul. It is a powerful day of release and renewal. All the pain and old patterns brought to our consciousness by the Cardinal Grand Cross can be washed away with cleansing tears of emotional release. the New Moon in Cancer, spiritual dreamy Neptune and foundation-building Saturn in Scorpio will give us total support for healing old wounds and dissolving old patterns. We can put down our weapons of war and struggle. Help and healing have arrived.

The New Moon in Cancer connects with expansive Jupiter in Cancer (emotion), spiritual dreamy Neptune in Pisces (sensitivity) and foundation-building Saturn in Scorpio (intuition). This is a powerful day of release and renewal. The tears and emotions could flow, or this will be a great day for sealing your most intimate bonds. It is a day to make love and otherwise renew and seal your most intimated relationships.

Letting the pain of the past go will allow you to see you dreams manifest under this energy. On this date or within one month you will find yourself receiving a sweet ride on a gentle wave to remind us that having our dreams manifest is as easy when we are in alignment with the Universe. In fact we need not even ask aloud because the Universe will hear it in our heartfelt intentions.

Three Shots

This Grand Water Trine energy, which is a blessing each time is comes in between the hard shaking and hocking blows of the Cardinal Grand Cross, soaks us in support from God/Universe, family and friends. It is like the Universe is making us a delicious cocktail while we relax on a lounge chair at the beach. In that cocktail are three shots that will take us to a very pleasurable place. The three shots of the Grand Water Trine are given to us on June 27, July 17 and July 20.

With these hits of the Grand Water Trine we are asked to

  • expand our abundance and prosperity while nurturing ourselves
  • wash away our emotional/spiritual clutter and build strong frameworks for our dreams
  • dream our impossible dreams and have faith they will manifest

Intuition/psychic insight will be heightened. Pay attention to your insights and dreams. Coincidences are not coincidences but rather messages.

With Mercury coming to the end of its retrograde, we can look back at old problems and pains and find new ways of addressing them so we can release and come to a renewed place in life. When July 1 arrives , with the Mercury direct station, we will be on target to release and let go of the old, the worn, the outdated, the infected, the wounded and the wounding.

Remember to let the gratitude also flow through you and come out your mouth, your thoughts and your hands (journaling). Be grateful for what you have so more will come to you. Be happy for this moment and do not worry about the next. Let the tears of gratitude, happiness and joy and healing wash down your face. You soul is cleansing…


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