Renovate Your Life: Taurus New Moon – April 22, 2020

Renovate Your Life: Taurus New Moon – April 22, 2020

New Moon in Taurus 2020

This lunation occurring outside and inside of us is about quickly accepting the changes, radical moves, quick decisions, earthquakes, breaks and shatterings that will update our lives and put us on a more stable, enduring and prosperous path. Because Uranus is only in the early degrees of Taurus, this is only the beginning of journey to that destination. Look to the house where this is occurring for you. Your Ascendant Sign will give a most accurate house placement. I have written a bit more for the fixed signs as they will be strongly impacted by this fixed New Moon in Taurus. May this horoscope be a blessing.

(Astrology is not a belief. Astrology simply works whether you acept the knowledge or not.  What you do with it is your decision)

Aries & Aries Rising:

Healing comes through taking the time now to stop acting with conceit and arrogance by always putting yourself first. You have set fire to your relationships and burned love and trust. The earthquake will drive you to face what you value and what you consider to be worthy of you and what is actually valuable. If you’ve been unconscious, asleep, dishonest, secretive, hoarding or obsessed around money and resources, this will be your wakeup call and the area of life where you must start making changes over the next month.


Taurus & Taurus Rising

Healing comes with focusing on your self-worth and understand how valuable you are so you can be of value to yourself and others. The shattering of myths around who you thought you were will allow you to see and accept yourself as you are, with compassion and love. If you are wounded in this area and do not truly love yourself you perhaps have been trying to fill the wounded void with money and materialism – hoarding, stashing away secret money stores, manipulating and lying around money and material goods, etc. Or perhaps you do not take good care of yourself? The next month is that about loving pampering yourself – take a bubble bath, buy yourself some flowers, drink a glass of fine wine, eat a special meal, buy that beautiful work of art that makes you smile, enjoy sexual intimacy, open yourself to love, take that course on money management and start being open about finances, accept that you are valuable outside of how much money you have in the bank, purge your closet of things that don’t make you happy so you can more of what does make you happy. Tell yourself that because you deserve it, you will have it, whatever it is. No exceptions. This lunation of Uranus in Taurus conjunction Sun and Moon in Taurus is about shaking you out of your comfort zone and into your birthright of abundance and love. Whoever has been opposing you and blocking this path for you, put them on notice over this next month and let them know it is best for them to move out of your way.


Gemini & Gemini Rising

Healing comes through going deeper, beyond the superficial, and finding a place of stillness and presence in the present moment. The earthquake of sudden unexpected changes brings the opportunity to stay with the emotions you are feeling at any given moment instead of jumping to a noisy superficial distraction and avoidance. Allow yourself to understand that the collective emotions the world is experiencing are also personal ones for you. Over the next month you will learn that being alone and intimate with yourself brings you more satisfying connection in the community, even and especially in the moments of loneliness, challenge or sorrow, bring new life and expanded network to surround you.


Cancer & Cancer Rising

Healing comes through breaking out of the shell in which you have hidden yourself emotionally (or even your actual home) and getting out into the sunlight of connection with other people. The slight relaxing of shelter-in-place and quarantine orders in the collective, will give you a little more room and space to make those connections you now realize are so important to your emotional health. When you are emotionally healthy you are a powerful teacher of nurturance and care to the collective. Your network of supportive friends increases with the valuing and deepening of your emotions


Leo & Leo Rising

Healing comes now through suddenly shining your light on the world in great confidence and with verve! You know how to be playful and how to take just the right amount of risk that brings new life. This is bout healing your career and you public place in the world – whether it is through a marriage, launching a home business or starting a family enterprise. Those who thought you were an innocuous sleeping bear will now know you are a fertile and powerful bull.  You will get suddenly get the opportunity to Invest in yourself and there is no excuse not to do it other than fear. Toot your horn and show others how to blow theirs. Swagger into the room, plant your feet so you stay grounded and centered, then snort your nostrils and let people know you are serious. Baby, it is time to BOSS UP and change the game (and show others how to do it, too)!


Virgo & Virgo Rising

Healing comes through realizing the world is out of your control, always has been is now and always will be – but you can control yourself and that is the best course of action. You are protected and grounded under this lunation in the moves you make to stabilize yourself. Uranus in Taurus conjunction the New Moon in Taurus will open the door for your prosperity in whatever form you are desiring. You can even be radical (oh, Virgo!). Start a family through artificial insemination and/or become a single parent. Launch a business. Create a charity. Use the internet to achieve your goal. By taking thoughtful, organized and measured steps in your life and being patient with the journey you accomplish much – to the surprise of others. You bring rightness, justice, and fairness to people and situations by bringing it first to yourself. By valuing balance, intellect and organization, you open doors for people to learn new ways of being. This is vital in today’s world. You have control over this by only taking control over yourself and your small part of the world. The world might feel very broken over the next month but you can put the pieces back together in a new and stronger way if you are open to new methods and timing.


Libra & Libra Rising

Healing is through balance. You may get shaken up in your ways of thinking or your daily routine. Have patience with yourself and others. Do not let anger rule the moment or the day. If that begins to happen. Stop what you are doing and take a long breal. Healing balance comes after allowing yourself to see the other side, the other perspective or the other method. Leave room for it over the next month and you will find yourself thriving rather than being stuck and frustrated.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Healing comes now though dealing with your business partnership or intimate partnership/marriage and facing what has been valued or undervalued. Expect a sudden shakedown and calling out around sex, money and/or possessiveness that has thrown your relationship out of balance. One of you has too much power and it is not unintentional. Now, it will break down and over the next month anything hidden will be exposed. When the Full Moon in Scorpio arrives, expect a light to shine brightly on what was done undercover. Have you stashed away money in a secret account or had a sexual affair? Bring it out into the open and be fully open and honest before the money person or intimate partner learns independently what you have done. Then, once done, you will have opportunity to make radical changes and begin healing the wound in yourself. Your business partnership may end, you may need to return the money to that person, you may need to end that sexual affair and/or you may get divorced by your partner, but you can heal the lack of love you feel inside for yourself and stop trying to fill that voracious insatiable wound with money and sex.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Healing for you under this lunation is around sudden changes and breakdowns around work, routines and health. Those changes will seem painful or shocking but when you build new, healthier routines they will bring you more prosperity and better health. You will find you enjoy your life more through better organization, through creating routines around work that matters to you and through cleaning out what is toxic in any way, shape or form. Your personal and private life will be somewhat of an endless party when you have more meaningful, soulful systems in place


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Healing come through realizing you have wonderful creative ideas and that you probably work harder than anyone you know. Applaud yourself and allow your creative genius to flow, grow and create prosperity for you. Realize you have a right to take risks and that you can achieve anything you desire. There will never be a “right” time to have a baby. Get pregnant. The world is holding its breath. Release yours and put a meaningful and practical new business out there or promote the one you have been keeping relatively quiet about all this time. You deserve happiness. This next month is about taking your mind to a higher place and out of depressive thoughts as you put your efforts into your goal. Use the internet to achieve your creative and inspirational goals.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Healing comes now through realizing you need to give yourself the same care and compassion you have been giving to you partner and/or family, to the neglect of your needs. There is an earthquake that exposes deeply hidden wounds and wounding in your relationships. You have allowed it until now, through excessive generosity to those who did not deserve it, but now can put an end to it by calling it out. Has a family member been manipulating (lying etc) your feelings of love for them to get money from you or stealing money from you via the Internet, for example? This New Moon in Taurus conjunction Uranus in Taurus will expose it with lightning speed. Has someone close to you accumulated a home, family and money at your expense preventing you from having the same? Start realizing you deserve love and attention and that you must build a home and life for yourself that honors you. Find a partner who honors you and/or helps build that home. Learning ugly hidden truths around family can be deeply painful but you can detach from the emotional manipulations of those who have been secretly doing you dirty and now you can BOSS up and let them know the game is changed. This next month will be about you letting certain people know “the buck stops here” and “never again”, because now you are going to be first and foremost generous to yourself and a partner who appreciates you.


Pisces & Pisces Rising

Healing comes through quieting your mind and not allowing confusion to rule you. Uranus in Taurus conjunction this New Moon in Taurus brings a tsunami of emotions rising up for you and that may feel overwhelming, however you can actually ride this wave, this massive wave, all the way to shore and safely land. No matter how wild it gets, you are able to go with the flow as long as you remember that you don’t need to fight the changes and challenges. Look for sibling, cousins, aunts and uncles and even neighbors for insight, wisdom and opportunities to focus on the lighter moments of life. You will get everything done that you need to accomplish even if you do not take a straight path to it. Have faith.

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