Chiron Healing

Chiron Healing

Wounds of Wisdom and Healing

Chiron in our natal chart shows us in which area of life we have “the wound that never heals”  and in which way we are expertly, naturally skilled in healing other people.

This wound comes to us before we are born and informs us about the state of society at the time we were born. It also informs us about how we can be healing forces in this world as we evolve in this earthly life.

Chiron shows us the area of life in which we are wounded, but it is not a wound which must automatically overwhelm or destroy us. It is not a wound from which we cannot recover. In fact, we have the power to transcend the pain of the wound, to cleanse the wound and perhaps still limp, but keep walking. We can remember some pains, but not feel the acuteness of it anymore. It is up to as as to how acutely we feel the wound and for how long we carry it without cleansing and healing it. It takes strength and courage to heal this wound. 

The wound may be sexual, spiritual, physical, psychological or emotional, for example. Over time we may accumulate a plethora of experiences that repeatedly re-wound us over the same issue or in the same way. But there comes a point where we must decide we want to be healed and whole and not carry this painful wound anymochironhealing-1re. There comes a point when we must choose to heal as much as possible and then to use the Serenity Prayer and accept what we cannot change. It is a case of re-framing the experience or issue as part of the healing. It is a matter of studying all the ways in which we can be healed and then going about implementing those methods. When we have done all we can do, then we live with what remains and further heal through acceptance of what remains.

In the Tarot, the 8 of Cups depicts loss, addiction and abandonment. It shows someone turning his back on loss. There are five spilled cups. However, there are 3 upright full cups. In the next card, the 9 of Cups, happiness and joy are depicted. By moving on from the addiction of suffering and woundedness, one finds happiness and joy. One finds new life. Eventually, in the 10 of Cups, there is a completion of the happiness and joy.

Your Place of Greatest Wisdom

Not only does the placement (sign and house) of your Chiron show where and how you are wounded. It shows your legacy of healing and wholeness that you bring to the world. It may not involve healing as a profession. It is about TEACHING others the knowledge you have gained in life and something about that knowledge is related to your natal Chiron wound. Your wisdom may be in finances, after enduring a childhood of financial difficulty. You may now be a wealthy entrepreneur who can teach others about money, wealth and abundance — because you have been there, done that and lived the life!

My Wound, My Healing Gift

I was born with a Chiron in the 8th house. It is a powerful placement. The 8th house is ruled by Pluto, the Lord of Death; Pluto, the Lord of Transformation. The 8th house is reflects the area of life that deal with secrets, taboos, death, loss and abandonment, deep psychological matters, darkness, sex and sexuality, psychologists and therapy, spirituality and intuition (psychic) gifts, obsessions and compulsions, fear, deep intimacy with others, other people’s money, credit and credit cards, loans, debt, inheritances and taxes. Being born with planets in the 8th house indicates your life is one of extreme highs and extreme lows. Transits through to your 8th house suggests years of life experiences full of doom and gloom, death and loss. You can survive but you will see the darkside of everyone  (including yourself) and everything before rising from the ashes back into the light. You must also learn to live in the light with the knowledge you have gained in the dark. You have seen and experienced the evil and the good without hiding, as the songwriter Jackson Brown once sang. You know what it is to have everything and to have nothing; to be powerful and to be powerless and vulnerable. You also know what it is to experience loss and death and then to rebith into life. You know what it is to be profoundly wounded that it can seem there are no words to describe the pain and to be able to transcend by healing others of their pain. You transform. You have healing hands and energy and typically a healing voice. You are a natural healer and called to heal.

If your 8th house is cusped by Pisces  and/or the placements in are in Pisces, this healing power and calling is magnified. As this is being written, some little babies born in the turbulent and wounded 1960s with Chiron in Pisces are coming of age in their calling as powerful healers in this very wounded world.

All my life I have been aware of the power to heal and to wound. I have known that I carry within me, on a spiritual level, knowledge of things which others cannot readily see with physical eyes. I carry within me the ability to learn quickly and to apply it to myself or to others. I knew as a child that I could heal or wound with my knowledge and with my words. I knew I have great power in my ability to write and speak and to this day it remains the same. I knew I had to watch the words I chose to speak or write and the thoughts I chose to think and the ideas I chose to entertain in my head.

With all my Virgo energy I have always been aware of and interested in health and hygiene, medicine, natural healing and holistic matters. I became aware of the connection between food and spirituality before the age of 10. I was a semi-vegetarian and drank homemade juices long before smoothies became popular. I became aware shortly thereafter about alternative healing methodologies and the differences between Western and Eastern thought and philosophy.  I was fascinated with chiropractic care. I became aware that healing was not something only a traditional western medicine doctor could do.

As I grew, I became more aware of my ability to teach and influence others. I became aware as a teenager of what some in the Christian called my gift of “discernment” due to the fact that I had knowledge of people and situations without having “physical” proof in my hands or before my eyes. With all my Virgo energy, I knew that this was an important thing to do — teaching and healing. As I grew, I worked on finding the balance between my woundedness and healing others. I learned to professionally use my communication abilities to help and heal and formally took on the role of a healer as an ordained minister. I opened to my intuitive spiritual gifts and not content to wade in the waters, I plunged into the world of healing others through my spiritual gifts.

More Chiron Healing Examples

Chiron in Pisces, 8th House: If you are wounded in the 8th house, you will likely experience many deaths, losses, inheritance problems, tax problems, debts, lack of intimacy and difficulty sexually merging  or sexually merging on an equal level with a partner. With Chiron in Pisces, your wound is concerned with the urge to merge. The urge to merge and make connection is profoundly deep on a spiritual level and in the 8th house longs to be expressed and fulfilled through sexual penetration and orgasm as well as deep spiritual connection. You need a partner who is highly sexual functional and powerful and well as spiritually and psychologically on the same wavelength as you — willing to go into the murky depths without hurting you. 

Yet, good sexual experiences and intimacy opportunities may be few and far in-between situations. The spiritual unity may be lacking. You come to feel unsafe in this world and especially wounded through intimate relationships.  You could easily attract a mate who is sexually dysfunctional or sexually promiscuous or places you in sexual danger (disease) or is into causing sexual pain. That would only be more wounding to you on a psychological, physical and sexual level. You are not a sex therapist (unless you ARE one professionally!).

Your healing wisdom is to learn to be moderate and careful with your finances, doing the right thing with taxes, avoiding loans/credit and other forms of debt, and distancing yourself from those who want to use you as their sexual healer. You need and deserve to get as good as you give in bed. You must learn to balance your life in other ways for many years before you enter into a sexually equal and satisfying relationship. You can teach others about one or more of these issues. You also, with a Chiron wound in the 8th house, have a special gift for healing and are very intuitive. Use your intuition and your healing abilities to first heal yourself as much as possible. Your life will be a healing example to other people; you will find you are a very sought-after and effective healer of other people. You may be a great intuitive, healer in some modality, teacher about sex, researcher of sexual diseases, financial advisor, accountant, psychologist, ordained minister, nun, chaplain, or marriage counselor. This is your place of greatest wisdom.

Chiron in Taurus, 2nd House: If you are wounded in the 2nd house, you suffer from a wound of neglect, feeling you never have received what you need. You still try to attain it through material gain, money and possessions, as well as sex. But herein lies the sickness. Keeping a job, earning income or having enough money to live the extravagant lifestyle you crave will be a struggle. With Chiron on Taurus the wound is in material resources. You crave very expensive things and you want to have the est, because you think it will replace the love you never got. Sex is wounding. It may even become painfully warped or warped into forms of pain. Take the example of David, who was emotionally neglected by his wealthy parents while they earned large salaries and pursued their careers. He grew up to be sexually dysfunctional and an overspender. He felt he had to impress everyone with designer clothes ad sunglasses, trips to foreign lands and an extravagant life lived on social media for adoring strangers. He even allowed himself to be manipulated into homosexual experimentation by a gay man (also with Chiron in Taurus) who easily picked up that he was 1) deeply wounded sexually and 2) upset with his failed attempt at maintaining an erection during his first attempt at sexual intercourse and the ridicule of horrible woman who berated him. He allowed the man to use him, thinking the man was his friend and cared about him with no hidden agenda. He let the  man manipulate him into BDSM sex situations and in general got himself into a world of financial and sexual wounding for several years. He realized he was bored with life, and yet afraid to commit to it and get his life back on track. He became stubbornly obsessed with this path (remember Taurus is a fixed sign!) would not end his association with this man who was helping him to wreck his life. Last I knew, he was still involved in it and destroying his life, his family relationships, his peace of mind and his bank account. 

Healing wisdom in this case comes when you realize that no material gain can replace love. You get love through commitment and it does not cost you anything more than that. When you give the love you feel deprived of, you get it in return. The other healing comes when you realize that you can teach people about how to not connect emotions and money.

The sexual healing and the financial healing that you receive is something you can teach others. It will be powerful because it will empower people to heal internally and externally. They will gain emotionally, sexually and financially.

Do you want to know about Chiron in the other houses and signs?

Go Deeper:

Soon I will be publishing an e-book  on Chiron for purchase. it will contain in-depth information on this asteroid and its effects on our lives. Learn where and how you are wounded. Learn how to heal yourself with practical suggestions and examples. Master yourself through Chiron and become a master in control of your legacy.

If you are interested in receiving an email when it is ready, send an email to chiron[at]

Chiron Consultation

If you are entering, going through or coming out tthe other side of your Chiron Return (between ages 49-52), or would simply like to understand and integrate your Chiron Return before or after it has occurred you can have a Chiron consultation with me. This will involve two 60-minute Skype sessions during which we will work through your specific Chiron Return. Book your consultation today and launch into the second half of life with healing, integration and wisdom.

Consultations are a combination of written report and Skype session. They are non-refundable.

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  1. Hi, really enjoyed reading this. My Chiron is in Taurus in the 7th, conjunct descendant. Issues of self-worth. Now, the description of Chiron in 2nd/8th houses resonated with me, as my south node is in Capricorn in the 2nd. Intimacy and total vulnerability is hard for me in a relationship. Sexuality is painful, suppressed, or lacking intimacy, especially when I was younger. Thank you for the article 🙂

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