Chiron in Pisces

Healing Human Relationships


One of the most troubling periods for human relations that other astrologers and I witnessed was during the period when Neptune, Uranus and most notably, Chiron, were all in Aquarius. While we had Chiron in Aquarius from February 21, 2005 – April 19, 2010  I witnessed and we all experienced the destructive ways in which we can be wounded by technology (particularly the internet) as human beings.  Chiron represents the natal wound that we carry with us throughout our life. Because it is always with us, we can try to avoid the pain by focusing on others in their woundedness. This happened at the intersection of technology and human relationships under Chiron in Aquarius.

The introduction of online dating and matchmaking services created more problems than it did marriages. We learned that one can have 5,000 Facebook friends and 100 chat room buddies and still be isolated and lonely with no authentic relationships and no one with whom to really connect. Loneliness intensified and grew exponentially. People used the internet to deceive people out of money and self-esteem. Men lied to women in massive number, promising relationships, engagements and marriage  that were not real; they deceitfully used words on a screen to convince women to open up emotionally and become vulnerable to them, coercing them into believing that they were in a real relationship (not that it  was only men, but the majority of the heartbreak situations were men pulling the wool over women’s eyes through the use of “communication”).  The mind and head became disconnected from the soul and heart.

Chiron in Pisces: April 20, 2010 – February 18, 2019

The radical change (Uranus, Aquarius’ co-ruler) of human relationships  in society (Saturn, Aquarius’ other co-ruler) finished this week and people feel under great stress. I know that as an astrologer, I feel a great obligation to heal wounds in people in the ways in which I can professionally. The wounds I see have to do with the human soul, which as been severely beaten and shocked in the process of radical change that occurred in human evolution these last 5 years.

pisceanurgetomergePisces is about the innate soul urge to merge  – to make authentic connection on a soul level. We are born with this urge and we need it to live and thrive. Pisces, as the 12th and final sign of the zodiac, represents completion in human evolution. Now we have the opportunity take the harshness, shock and detachment of Saturn and Uranus and dissolve it into a more malleable form with Neptune (Pisces’s ruler). Now we can become transcendent. This is a very obviously spiritual Chiron placement. Now we have the chance to do sacrifice our individual pain for a more collective experience of purification and bliss. We must not be martyrs or victims; rather we are being given the chance to bring our heart and soul back into relationships and retain our individuality in the process.

Chiron Return in Pisces 2010 – 2019

Chiron is again calling for a spiritual healing. This soul level healing was marked by the conjunction of Chiron and Neptune. Chiron is said to be a co-ruler of Virgo, along with Mercury, and as such is about healing. When this conjunction occurred, many of us found ourselves thinking about past loves, people we have lost in our lives and ways in which we can find meaning for ourselves i light of those losses. Chirotic healing demands that we not drug ourselves in order to submerge and forget about the pain; chirotic healing demands we expose the pain to the light and air and let it be washed clean so it can heal. This requires courage. The reward is transcendence, growth and the attainment of a wisdom that will support us until we leave this earthly life. The entrance of Chiron into Pisces is spiritually challenging because it means all the Uranus-conjunct-Pluto children born in the 1960s will experience their Chiron return.

timothyleary-1Chiron in Pisces 1961-1969

The world was in chaos and turmoil in the 1960s. Chiron’s last journey through Pisces was was last in Pisces from January 21, 1961 – January 31, 1969.  The psychedelic and addictive drug culture, the call for radical change in societal institutions, the involvement of the Christian Church in breaking down and dissolving the structures of racism as well as in healing the wounds of racism, the rise of feminism to heal the wounds of women, the exploration of Eastern religions/spiritualities and the strong emergence of alternative healing methods were all apart of a spiritual attempt to end human pain and suffering while healing human wounds. People sought a way to transcend as a way to accomplish this healing.

Many sought to transcend through the use of drugs. University of California at Berkeley (and later Harvard University) professor Timothy Leary was an American psychologist and writer, who became known for  advocating psychedelic drugs such as LSD (then legal) to assist psychotherapy. Pushing phrases such as “think for yourself and question authority” and “turn on, tune in and drop out”, he had a significant effect on the flower child drug culture of the time. Many young adults thought the way to resolve the world’s pain and suffering was to smoke marijuana and drop acid. For many it simply became a way to escape the world and create another, distorted and often detrimental “reality”.  

Leary, working through Harvard University, conducted a drug study called the Harvard Psilocybin Project. The goal was to analyze the effects of psilocybin on human subjects (first prisoners, and later, interestingly enough, Andover Newton Theological School students) from a synthesized version of the then-legal drug — one of two active compounds found in a wide variety of hallucinogenic mushrooms, including psilocybe mexicana. The compound was produced by a process developed by Albert Hofmann of Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, who was famous for synthesizing LSD. This leads me to my next point:

Dangers During Chiron in Pisces

Drugs (all types, natural,  OTC and prescription); some new drug addiction crisis; Big Pharma exposure


Anything you put into your body that takes you out of your body and/or mind

Cultic or deceptive religions and spiritualities

Passive-aggressive, avoidance and escapist behaviors 

Getting caught up in martyrdom and unnecessary suffering in relationship and situations

Extreme lifestyles reflected in rigidity in health, eating/food routines etc.

I want to be plain and clear about it. While Chiron travels through Pisces we must beware of deluding ourselves into thinking we are transcending and evolving when we are really doing nothing but standing still and dissolving. Marijuana, illegal under the previous Chiron in Pisces transit,  has just been legalized for sale in many US states and will likely soon be sold just as cigarettes are everywhere. When Chiron is in Pisces, especially with the influence of Neptune in Pisces during this time, we are in danger of telling ourselves lies. We are in danger of living in strange and dangerous illusions based on false grounds with no basis in reality. We must not deceive ourselves or let ourselves be deceived. We can have a healthy spirituality and spiritual practices, but we must not turn onto drugs, school or religion, not blissfully tune in to those things with a blind eye – even temporarily, and we must not then drop out of human society. We are ALL needed in the collective to further human evolution. Dropping out is not a positive option. The urge will be there to be a martyr and sacrifice because of injustice and unethical matters. But we will become casualties if we do. We are not to destroy ourselves. We must acknowledge and work within our limitations without anger depression or resentment. We can only help so many people. We must balance our lives and take care of ourselves first before we can help others. We must also realize that some people cannot be helped by us or  do not want to be helped by us or anyone.

Healing can be one through constructive and moderate means. We must pick our battles, knowing we cannot fight every one of them and win. We will only become burned out from the pain. We must learn from the pain and allow it to heal.

Chiron, Marytrdom and Suffering

We must retain our individuality and attain intimacy that is about healthy merging, not unhealthy submerging in another person or a cause.  Chiron represents the wound that we carry with us throughout our life – it never leaves us, we try to employ transference ” projecting our woundedness onto other people – and then trying to heal them.. In manifestation, this is the woman who is a domestic violence victim but repeatedly returns to the abuser. Thi is the person who hangs onto the bad relationship in hopes that the other person will one day awaken and treat him or her well. It seems Hollywood glamorous, but in reality it does not work out and you get burned out. But if this Chiron in Pisces energy, with its potential for spiritual awareness and integration of human collective consciousness into the soul, we can make great advances on an individual and global level. We will even get help with this via the Cardinal Grand Cross and Cardinal T-Square alignments coming up over 2012-2015.

There is a common thread running between Chiron and Pisces: the potential for suffering. If Pisces believes that suffering is noble and Chiron experiences suffering as unavoidable, their combination could amplify the experience and idealization of suffering. A spiritual approach to Chiron in Pisces might want to regard suffering as a noble end in itself. However, there is a risk of becoming stuck in one’s suffering and pain. The danger lies in believing that if you’re not suffering, it must mean you’re not working hard enough on whatever wounds or shortcomings you’re trying to resolve or heal.

Professional Healers

In order to heal others you must first be healed and strong within yourself. It does not mean you must be perfect. It means you must healthy and aligned with wholeness, practicality and holistic practices. Again, Chiron, co-ruler of Virgo, is about practicality in healing. Pisces is about spirituality and transcendence.  Combined, there is still the element of practicality in the spiritual healing.

It is NOT spiritual or holy to suffer and have lack. Suffering is a symptom telling us that there is a wound which must be healed. Even if the wound “cannot be healed” the suffering can be alleviated. You must find a way to work with the issue in that case. It does not mean stay with the abuser or keep drinking the alcohol or taking the pills. It means get help and deal wit the core wound where you got yourself on the path of addiction or into the abusive relationship. It means you keep working on it. It means you might always be “recovering” not necessarily cured. It means you get back to the core of who you are in all your uniqueness, individuality, strengths and talents. It means you regain control over yourself and the creation of your reality.

Professional healers, such as Reiki practitioners, astrologers, intuitive practitioner (psychics), Tarot readers, acupuncturists. chiropractors, traditional medicine doctors, etc. will find during Chiron in Pisces that they will get even more patients as wounded people come pouring i the door like never before. People will want to be healed.

relexologyfootchartBut healers must also be very practical and decisive about who they take on as a patient during Chiron in Pisces. There will be psychic vampires who want to suck the energy out of people. There will be people who are not really interested in being healed; they only want to be a martyr and suffer to make themselves feel spiritual and holy.

The Feet Will Point the Way

I want to speculate here that those who practice reflexology, focusing on the feet as the place from which to bring healing, will find they get much more business than earlier times. Pisces rules the feet and I think people will more focused on their feet., have more foot problems and seek more reflexology and foot massages or pedicures. I  think problems will manifest physically in swollen ankles and feet and wounds to the feet. The fee t will point to something more serious happening in not only the body, but in the soul.

We stand on our feet and our angles and feet must be sturdy, solid, and in comfortable shoes for us to be able to make progress and walk on them. There is practical and spiritual truth in this statement. 

Piscean Creativity and Spirituality

Chiron was a master healer and teacher. He was such because he first took care of himself and he spent a lot of tie alone before he taught others. His life was balanced between hermetic times alone, learning, healing and teaching others. He knew himself and his connections were authentic and healthy. 

He was also a musician. In between studying medicine and astrology and he also played and taught music, particularly the harp, to students such as Achilles. Music is a great creative form and an emotional and spiritual release. Use music and other artistic forms during Chiron in Pisces to express yourself and you will find it is healing to your soul. Creativity such as music lends itself to surrender on a deep level. You will be surprised at what you create. 

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