Chiron Return

Chiron Return

The Chiron Return

The Chiron Return occurs a few years after your Saturn Opposition and about a year after your Jupiter Return. It is a time when you can look back to see where the chickens have come home to roost every 7 years in one particular area of life where you are especially sensitive. Look back to ages 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, and 42. You have accumulated a wealth of experiences around one particular area of life. That comes up for any final cleaning and healing needed at age 49. It is your Chiron Return and it can be greatly rewarding and transcendent.

Here Is What Happens

The Chiron Return happens to everyone from ages 49-51, lasting over a two year period of time. In this planetary return (when the planet returns to its natal position),as with any planetary return several things happen:

  1. you get a loud and obvious confrontation with the lessons, issues and themes of that planet
  2. you have an opportunity to get wise, if you have not already, about what you have done regarding those issues 
  3. you will be able to clearly see what you have and have not accomplished.
  4. you will know who and what to leave behind and what to take forward.
  5. you will understand what still must be worked on in the two year period.

You will only have one Chiron return in your lifetime unless you live to be about 100, which is entirely possible these days (and wouldn’t that be awesome?!).

Chiron Return Isolation


The material you will find on Chiron Returns is rather vague about the actual experience. As of 2014, there are no places online where people have recounted the details of the actual experiences of depth and woundedness of their Chiron Return. Detailed examples with lengths of time would be helpful for us all. When I have searched, I have found many generic “fluff” spiritual comments about having had a bump or a struggle but then a glowing testimony about enjoying the ride. That is very contradictory to the painful stories I am hearing from clients who contact me for consultations. They are hurting. They are wounded. They are bleeding profusely spiritually and emotionally. It is an egregiously sorrowful time of being lost, stuck and re-wounded. There are a few stories of a healing event such as a wedding or a new job. Therefore I also want to note one common experience people are sharing with me about their Chiron Return (with Chiron in Pisces right now) :

Specific to the Chiron Return you will also experience that you find yourself inexplicably isolated and alone, sometimes actually stuck in a living situation where all you can do is write, or draw/pain or meditate and pray,  or work intensely on a project – – all in one small space or room for weeks or months at a time while Chiron works within you to awaken you to your Chiron wounds and you cleanse them and heal. It will feel like your world has ended and you have failed at 50.

Understanding of the Wound

At your Chiron Return you will not only revisit the wound but understand that some things will never heal perfectly and the ones that will not, you CAN accept. Not only that, you can have a fulfilling and joyful life without being perfectly healed in that area of life. There always is SOME healing and that healing will bring wisdom. If you have done all you can, then yes, you have done all you can.

Time to Teach

If you have had the courage to do everything possible to heal, then let it be and move forward. In a practical sense, teach others how to use that healing. In a spiritual sense, draw on your spiritual resources to accept yourself as you are and stop seeing yourself as a wounded person, See yourself as whole understanding that God/Universe/Creator etc loves ans accepts you as you are. Stop projecting your wounds onto others and sadly or angrily accusing them of (re-)wounding you. It is you wounding yourself. Whatever wounded you in the first place is not the determinant of your life. YOU are the determinant of your life.  Be at peace with that fact. In that peace, is the healing.

If you have questions about Chiron in your chart and how you can heal yourself and use your healing wisdom, contact me for an astrology consultation (combination written and telephone).

2 thoughts on “Chiron Return

  1. wow! I just entered my Chiron return in May of this year, and I m trying to wrap my head (maybe thats the mistake) around what is happening. Your remarks on the isolation and loneliness really hit home, and are some of the more practical info i have found.

    I actually wish I could lock myself in a small room and go on an extended writing retreat!

    Thank you!

    1. You are welcome, Josie. The Chiron Return is challenging enough., but those who have CHiron in Pisces get a double whammy: because of the elliptical, it lasts longer than any other Chiron Return ad the asteroid SLOWLY makes its way; and because of the sign, Pisces, it is massively confusing, frustrating and as I pointed out, leaves you isolated in a thick clog of murkiness and isolation where it is hard to see/comprehend any point in the pain.

      Spiritual and physical retreat is the best thing you can do right now. If you want to get more indepth insight fomr me book a session to have your transit chart done.

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