Listen to Healing Universe Radio!

microphone-3Healing Universe is on the airwaves!

Specialwoman, who is Healing Universe’s astrologer and Tarot reader, is can now be heard on BlogTalkRadio talking about astrology and Tarot.

Tune in to listen as Specialwoman explains the transits we are experiencing, the aspects, how current events can be interpreted astrologically, planets and signs in our natal and transit charts, the meaning of Tarot cards and spreads and does a few readings online.

On occasion, there will be lives guests … astrologers, Tarot readers, or others leaders in spiritual and holistic practices.

Specialwoman and Healing Universe have the goal of inspiring and empowering people worldwide through evolutionary astrology and Tarot. Now, through BlogTalkRadio, millions can benefit from her expertise in astrology and Tarot.

You can find the show link here: Healing Universe Radio. There, you will find information about upcoming shows and be able to listen to old show in the archives.

The call-in number to speak with Specialwoman during the show is (347) 857-2580.

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