Risk Fighting For A New Dream: The Final Uranus/Pluto Square and A Solar Eclipse

Risk Fighting For A New Dream: The Final Uranus/Pluto Square and A Solar Eclipse

Rubens and Brueghel, Return from War, Mars Disarmed by Venus
Rubens and Brueghel, Return from War, Mars Disarmed by Venus

Daily life is intense for all of us in some way, whether that is a positive motivation or a depressing, frustrating and angry obstacle. The final Pluto/Uranus square we have been working with since June of 2012 is now exact and this energy lingers for another month. Something from 1996 is coming to conclusion. The battle is ending and healing, love and grace is on the horizon.

A Final Battle In The War

On one hand we have death, rebirth and transformation, power, corruption and the status quo (”the way we have always done it”). The relationship or situation “hanging by a thread” is stretched to the breaking point and in a few days will likely snap and break. On the other hand we have enlightenment, chaos, disruption, anger and rage, frustration rebellion and revolution. We are being powerfully pushed into changing our lives and embracing the new in order to create a better future.

We have some planets in Pisces (Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Chiron) and Aries (Mars and Venus) this week so there us a heavy emotional tone to the release of this energy as well as the motivation to fight for your right s and push forward with your goals.

Whatever needs to explode or be burned down this week, let it explode the old structures and ways! Let the fire cleanse!

The previous square of Uranus and Pluto was December 12, 2014. In those three months you have come to realize either a) there are things which you will no longer tolerate in your life and/or b) your persistence in trying to use your power to prevent other people, relationships or situations from changing has caused violently anger and will no longer be tolerated. In fact something may have “burned down around you” as a result of your power plays. People want their freedom and whether you are the one seeking it or being forced to give it, it will come into existence.

Now is a time to become fully enlightened and take the steps to create a powerful new future. How do you do it:

Start by asking yourself this question:

  • What or who must you eliminate from your life in order to transcend and elevate your life?

Spring Equinox – New Beginnings

To add to the fiercely intense energy there is a total solar eclipse at 5:26 AM EDT on March 20, 2015 at 29 degrees of Pisces. The energy is KARMIC. The Spring Equinox will usher in many  endings and new beginnings as people and situations are eclipsed from our lives. Eclipses blot out of cut out and this one will remove the things and people which no longer serve out growth and are no longer worthy of us. It will powerfully  bring in new relationships, people and situations. There will be no more delays, no more excuses, no more waiting, no halfway measures, no more empty promises to change in the future.

The solar eclipse in Pisces, combined with Chiron in Pisces and  Neptune conjunct Mercury in Pisces, will intensely raise to prominence matters involving healing of wounds and disease, intuition and intuitive abilities, prophetic and/or compassionate speaking.  Spiritual and compassion-toned things will be communicated in all forms and methods.

Home From War, Greeted With Healing Love

Healing, love and grace are in the Piscean energy that comes with this New Moon in Pisces that is a total solar eclipse. Make this last push, take this last risk to fight for your freedom because when this battle is done — and it IS almost done – you will find more than freedom. You will be met with love, healing and grace that will dissolve the weapons of this angry, rage-filled, frustrating, poisonous, life-destroying war.

This total solar Eclipse energy is karmic because it marks the end of something that began in your life or connected to your life, 19 years ago (1996). What major situation happened in your life in 1996? There is something you have been dealing with for 19 years that is now coming to a conclusion and a new beginning is starting. It marks the beginning  of another such long period of your life. It is therefore your responsibility to act now on your new dream: that is, how you wish your life to be for the next two decades.

Take the risk. Risk fighting for your right to be free of all that blocks love, healing (spiritual, emotional and physical), compassion and  deep intimacy in your life. You will transcend from the place where you are now and arise into a new and better level of life.

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