Sabian Symbols: July 8, 2013 — New Moon in Cancer

Sabian Symbols: July 8, 2013 — New Moon in Cancer

jupiternasaA New Moon in Cancer

We have what I consider to be a very fortunate event coming soon. The New Moon in Cancer in July will be having a party on my Venus and Mars. This lunation is a fortunate one not only for me but for everyone, if they know how to use this energy.

The ritual of setting an intention and meditating upon it briefly brings a great new start each month. This moon is no exception and is especially fortunate.

With the New Moon in Cancer coming on Monday, July 8 (16° 17′ 52) at 12:14am PDT/3:14pm EDT, joining Jupiter and Mercury (retrograde) in the same sign, you can set create results in one or two life areas by setting an intention for yourself . After that, watch it unfold in the following month.

Sabian Symbols

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at Cancer 17 is “The Unfoldment Of Multilevel Potentialities Issuing From An Original Germ”.

The Sabian Symbol for the opposite degree, Capricorn 17, is “A Repressed Woman Finds Psychological Release in Nudism”.

So what does this portend? What does this mean? Jupiter is in Cancer and considered to be exalted or especially favorable. Great expansion in the areas of home, family, security and safety, and money will be seen in the next years. The New Moon in Cancer is kicking off the beginning of this year-long Jupiter transit with a power call for innovation, invention, new ideas and concepts that will bring better nurture the family, expand the family or improve finances ad abundance. All it takes of one good idea to be a success. Every day we hear of entrepreneurs who start a successful company with one good idea. They typically have many good ideas or potential inventions, and often go on to develop them, becoming a multi-millionaire.

Sometimes these new ideas are radical ways of approaching things. Sometimes they are things we do not expect or which shock us – especially when we are the one who does the radical thing. Like the seemingly repressed woman who has a nude portrait or photograph taken of herself, there can be great psychological release in transcending old, painful restraints and rules by deciding to love and nurture yourself.

On personal and collective levels we are going to see radical innovations, new ideas and new methods of nurturing ourselves and making ourselves more secure, both privately and publicly. Starting from a base of a need to feels safe and secure, we will begin doing new things we have not done before and things which are simply new methods.

What Next?

Look to which house this New Moon in Cancer falls in your chart to get an idea of where you will feel the urge to get a new start, do things anew and make changes.

  • 1st house –  you and your family’s presence
  • 2nd house – your personal or fmaily finances and security
  • 3rd house – your relationship with siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles
  • 4th house – your person at home, your family at home and your home itself
  • 5th house – your creative and pro-creative nature, sense of risk-taking, and our children.
  • 6th house – your personal work and health routines or those of your family
  • 7th house – your relationship with your spouse/mate or business partner
  • 8th house – your debt, credit situation, and sexuality
  • 9th house – your sense of adventure, your knowledge and your sense of justice
  • 10th house – your reputaiton at work or in the public in general
  • 11th house – your involvement in groups and your friendships
  • 12th house – your deep-seated psychological drives and needs

If this New Moon in Cancer is conjunct a planet, as it is for me, this is an especially fortunate lunation for you! At any rate, as with all New Moons, July 8, 2013 will be a very special day!

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