Saturn in Libra has arrived!

Saturn in Libra has arrived!

Greetings friends!

On Wednesday, July 21, 2010, Saturn, the Cosmic Parent and Lord of Karma, left the constellation of Virgo and transited into Libra.

The planet Saturn concerns karmic issues (what have you done or not done, because it is coming back to you?!), restrictions, losses, responsibilities, , structures and challenges. The constellation of Libra is about relationships, egalitarianism and equality (two separate things), love, marriage, legal matters, balance, working with others, partnership and sharing. You must build relationships, teams and partnerships which allow both parties to benefit and which bring growth to your life. If you have a relationship which is not calling and challenging you to grow, it will come apart by the end of the transit. We must learn to work together and our approach to projects must reflect that spirit of sharing. Saturn will work hard on those with Asc, Sun, Moon, Venus or Saturn in Libra until October 6, 2012.

If you have any selfish habits where Libran areas are concerned, Saturn is the planet that will break you down and force you to change and do the right thing OR you will have to choose to suffer losses, pains, and worse. What will YOUR choice be? Saturn does not play games — you WILL do the right thing or spiral into some negative things. It is time for people with the above-listed Libra placements to get real and get busy with the realities of their life situations. You can drink alcohol, take drugs, and procrastinate if you like, but Saturn will not release you until you have gotten the message and you WILL not be the same after it is done with you. What you do or do not learn, how you do or do not grow, between now and October 2012 will determine your next 30 years in that area of life. If it is a Saturn Return for you — whoaa! All I can say is get it right NOW. Don’t end up on the other side of 30 messed up, depressed and suffering because things will just go downhill from there.

If you need a specific consultation on how Saturn in Libra is likely to affect you, or a Saturn Return consultation, send me a email.

To all you Virgos (and people with significant personal Virgo placements) who came through the last five years of eclipses in Virgo, coupled with Saturn in Virgo — congratulations on making it through!! Now you can rejoice, assess what you learned and use it well over the next decade before 2036 when Saturn returns to that sign.


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