Saturn in Sagittarius 2015 – Restricting Freedom and Taming Wild Horses

Saturn in Sagittarius 2015 – Restricting Freedom and Taming Wild Horses

Saturn in Sagittarius is being ushered in with the building of border fences and barbed wire by Hungary to prevent refugees from migrating into the country. Saturn (control, restriction, limitations) in Sagittarius (foreign people, foreign cultures, freedom, expansion, justice, education, especially higher education such as university).


Hungary, representing Saturn, is putting all its energy and resources into controlling and preventing the migration of the outside world into its country. It has cast a barbed wire net around itself and is not allowing people beyond its borders. The photographs are startling. Exhausted masses of human beings yearning to be free, willing to walk miles and miles for freedom, are being restricted and hit hard. The world (Sagittarius) is watching.

Sagittarius wants to know more, be more, have more, do more. Ruled by Jupiter, it wants to expand whatever it touches. It wants to run free and experience as much pleasure and comfort as possible. Saturn is tightening the reigns on those wild horses and saying WHOA.

Saturn solidifies things and bring orders to chaos It creates strong foundations and demands structure. It is a manifesting principle. This also means it can exclude, restrict and limit in order to bring about the manifestation of the final product. It is the traditional ruler of both Aquarius and Capricorn, thus it takes the innovative and humanitarian of the Air sign Aquarius and molds them into the concrete structures of Earth sign Capricorn.

Work with Saturn and see your life steadily grow and expand in such a way that you eventually get what you want because what you want is a mature and healthy thing. The timing is not your timing It is in the timing is Saturn, of the universe. Commitment, strength, and building up comes from Saturn. Work against Saturn and you will experience resentment and

Sagittarius is a very different energy to Saturn. The archetypal adventurer, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance and good fortune, Sagittarius always falls on his feet. He loves to explore new cultures and is always curious to see things from other people’s perspective. While Saturn is all about order and structure, Sagittarius wants to break out of the box, and is always seeking to expand his ideas about the world, always wanting to learn more. Along with travel and adventure, Jupiter rules higher learning, developing a holistic worldview and coming to realize that our truth is only one way of seeing the world.

The Saturn in Sagittarius Effect

Saturn in Sagittarius joins the principles of contraction (Saturn) and expansion (Jupiter). Look to the area (house) in your chart where Saturn in Sagittarius is transiting and that is the area where you will be dealing with maturity/immaturity and the consequences. You must have a balance of self-gratification and delayed gratification or denial. Not too much, not too little. If you are dogmatic in some area of your life, you will, by the end of the transit, have an more open mind or be dealing with the negative consequences or narrow thinking. If you have no results in that area of life, expect as more order and structure comes into place to bring it into manifestation.

Have you been living hedonistically, being excessive and without control? Have you been running away from difficult situations, looking for easy answers, lack of commitment and responsibility and the accumulation of as much pleasure as you could get. Have you been overeating, drinking alcohol to excess or in any way abusing your body? Do you mock others for not joining you in your excess? Do you say sarcastic, cynical, rude things about others that are careless and inconsiderate? The bell is tolling for thee! It is time to tame those inner wild horses and find constructive ways to express yourself.

Have you been trying to restrict someone else’s freedom? Hungary is doing a dangerous thing right now, The consequences for it on a spiritual level are going to also manifest in the material. I think it will come to regret walling out these refugees. Any country that places restrictions of limitations that are inhumane on these refugees will likely see their reputation suffer and economic repercussions as well as some destabilization in some way. Keep watching that situation with Saturn in Sagittarius in mind.

Have you been too serious? Too narrow-minded? Too ritualistic? Too restrictive? Are you uneducated? Are you closed to other people’s ideas and suggestions?Are you religio9us and not spiritual? The bell tolls for thee.

BUT…also look for how education will be expanded! There will be reforms in the education systems worldwide. I think student loans will finally be handled in an effective manner so that people can get educated without massive debt and the debt many have will somehow be handled in a more humane manner. The immigrant/migrant issue will grow and be handled in a more compassionate and sustainable way in many places and some will act as Hungary or the border between the USA and Mexico.


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