Saturn in Sagittarius 2016: Low Blows

Saturn in Sagittarius 2016: Low Blows

saturnsaglowblowsIs Saturn in Sagittarius hitting you personally? If Sagittarius is your Sun, Moon or Ascendant/Rising OR transiting through your first six (6) houses, it is hitting you personally. It is delivering a series of hard hits that are breaking away the ability to stand. You must keep changing your footing and trying to catch your breath. The pressure is very real and very serious. You cannot escape the blows either. Some of them you cannot see coming or you do not have the ability to dodge them. They are pummeling you and they are not soft taps. This is not a time when you are able to be light on your feet.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Love, Romance, Creativity and Children

Because I am feeling it and I am getting 1-2 emails a week about it, I am going to write today specifically about the fifth house and the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius. If it is hitting you in the 5th house right now (romance, children, creativity and talents, risk-taking) it is feeling like a low blow! Issues you will face during this time include how “deserving” you are of special attention from others. Initially, you may feel unloved, and perhaps somewhat neglected or ignored. Lovers or potential lovers could be very harsh to you. Either raging anger or seething silent treatment is happening all over the place according to the letters I am getting. Either way, relationships of all kinds are being destroyed.


I will tell you from experience with this, when a person you care about rages at you OR gives you the silent treatment, it is all about manipulation and revenge. If there is no fairly quick end to the behavior and a talk not repeating this, it will repeat. It will take a long time to recover and regain your sense of self-confidence.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Healthy Ego

You see, this transit of Saturn in Sagittarius  is about learning to have a healthy ego and then using it to create and maintain productive, creative, thriving relationships and situations in your life.

People will go out of their way to put obstacles in front of you or block your creativity and hinder your ability to express your talent. This is the kind of energy that brings out people’s jealousies, petty behavior and power-grabbing. This is the kind of energy where a small group of jealous people start gossiping, create lies, and start passing around untrue rumors that cannot be proved about someone. The purpose is to destroy a person who they recognize is more creative, productive and successful than them.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Don’t Be a Martyr

Virgo and Sagittarius are square to one another. Squares are hard energy and hard in real life to deal with for everyone. Virgo, with its desire to be detail-oriented in order to make things perfect and good, can aggravate Sagittarius — just a Sagittarius can be so extremely callous about having freedom that it makes a mess of relationships and situations. But with Saturn in Sagittarius, the BIG KEY is to not be a martyr (Virgo),. You can be a martyr and whine about the losses and pain or you can do what Saturn in Sagittarius demanding of you and build a new foundation in some area of life. Sure those who are hitting you will be unhappy that you move on, but do it anyway.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Anti-Martyr Techniques

Commit to a more mature game plan/situation/person; marry the right man/woman; move your career in another direction; find a new venue to showcase your creativity or a new place to live; create a family now rather than later when you may not be able to do so; take better care of your health now; get your temper under control and stop manipulating people with it; create new work domestic or professional routines; use your creativity that you have been hiding; forge better relationships with children — those are some of the things Saturn in Sagittarius coming through your first six houses can mean. Saturn is square Virgo and that means martyrs will get laughed at and pushed past by Sagittarius energy that has no time for tears. I will say it again: DON’T BE A MARTYR.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Love and Romance

Has your love life gotten the air knocked out of it and you need to change your footwork and your moves? Then do it. Thomas is a man with a powerful house of Sagittarius planets, including his Sun and Saturn) who must rebuild his love life now that his childhood/young adult relationship is done. Recently he admitted it to himself, he did not want to marry the young woman and did not want the relationship anymore because he did not feel “that” kind of love for her, his first sexual partner. He did not see her as his wife, although she was what he would describe as a good person. He knew it was time to move on, In his case he has experienced his first Saturn Return and now he faces dealing with his first “real woman” (Saturn= real, reality, realistic) and mature adult committed relationship. (Coincidentally with his Saturn Return he went from clean-shaven to wearing a beard and moustache and a hat. His appearance has gotten more serious). He says he has now become driven to distraction with just the thought of this woman and finds himself very sexually and emotionally attracted. She feels like a “real woman” to him.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Thomas and Two Women

I asked Thomas to show me photos of the two women, The one he broke up with was small and thin with a prepubescent girl body. The one he is in love with has a full-figured woman’s body with ample breasts, hips, butt and thighs. She actually is a “real woman” (Saturn) and I could see why he is sexually and passionately (emotionally) attracted to her. I chuckled to myself when I saw the photos. Anyway, he is in love with this real woman and it shocks him; yet he knows this relationship with her is a powerful grounding (Saturn) foundation in his life and that he loves her. Now he must decide a new strategy in life. Under this energy, this man could see his life expand (Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius) and become prosperous in many ways through maturely taking a romance with this “real woman” into commitment (Saturn). Or he could run away and play and come back later hoping she waits around for him.


On the other hand he is unaware of the great opportunity placed before him. While one relationship, which no longer serves his life has ended because he has become and adult man, another is at his doorstep. In talking with him it became clear that he wants a rich love and sex life, he wants children and he talks about marriage as “stability and family”, something he wants. He also wants the freedom to travel without the woman in his life getting upset. So what does the Universe do when we ask for something, even quietly in our heart? It gives it. So now he has the opportunity to commit to a relationship with a woman who has already gotten her education and been in the working world, who loves him for who he is, supports his traveling with and without her, wants to have children and make a home for them. She is grounded. Realistically, this is what he needs in his life, he says he knows. She is at a place in her life where as a wife her needs and wants are complementary to his rather than competitive.

rebrandSaturn in Sagittarius: Creativity Attack Via Gossip, Lies and Rumors

Are you a creative professional who has been hit with a low blow to your name and reputation or your brand? Take a quick time out, catch your breath, change your strategy, regain your energy, then get back in the ring. I am a Sun in Virgo and living through Jupiter in Virgo right now and the mutable T-square between Jupiter in Virgo, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius. I am reworking my strategy and my brand, fine-tuning it in the face of the opposition. The hard work will be rewarded because I will be even better than before in so many ways.

What this means is, like everyone, I have been experiencing that I am blossoming and expanding (Jupiter) in my feeling of freedom and creativity (Sagittarius). However, I have been experiencing people delivering multiple blows.  Most of them are low blows that threaten to shut down me and my creativity (Saturn in Sagittarius). I have found it hard to stand because the blows involved elusive false (Neptune) accusations and derogatory defamation. Neptune in Pisces is acting powerfully in the lives of many, from the letters I receive. Lies, gossip and rumors are being accepted as reasons for destroying and sidelining many creative, productive people who took care of things. What will happen is that by 2018 many people and organizations will find they must close down or cut back because they foolishly believed gossip, false accusations and rumors. Instead of pruning out (Saturn) the gossips and liars (Neptune) they will have difficulty with grounding. They will loose the creative assets the freedom (Sagittarius) to grow (Jupiter, Sagittarius) through practical solutions (Saturn).

Saturn in Sagittarius: Deal (Better) With Your Anger

You must learn to love yourself and take pride in yourself. Looking outside of yourself for “ego strokes” (whether through romance or other such “applause”) will prove to be fruitless. But be aware of making bad moves in this transit: this transit of Saturn in Sagittarius means you must learn to control your anger and express your emotions without overwhelming others or yourself. Raging anger on one end and silent treatment that burns down a relationship are not good solutions –nor are they mature. If you give out that karma to others, you will get it back and it will hurt.

Expect to be hit hard. Expect the ground to dissolve beneath your feet. You will not be able to do much about things as lies, false accusations, devious plots and people, manipulations etc. happen around you or are done to you. Accept the lesson. The truth will actually become known and as long as you retain your integrity, you will regain things or get more than you lost and in the end, come out the winner.

Your lesson is to depend on yourself and to take pride in yourself for what you really are, and leave behind what others (who have no interest in your wellbeing and success) think about you.


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