Saturn in Sagittarius: December 23, 2014 – Real Ideas And Hopeful Solutions

Saturn in Sagittarius: December 23, 2014 – Real Ideas And Hopeful Solutions

saturnsagittariusWe are neck deep in Capricorn  energy and its ruler, Saturn is slipping into Sagittarius on Tuesday, December 23, at 8:36 am PST/11:36 am EST/5:36 PM CEST in Central Europe. We are now being anchored solidly into a time where we will be forced to create real solutions to problems, discuss practical ways to educate ourselves and others and devise optimistic committed actions. 

Saturn is about reality and Sagittarius is about truth. Saturn is about hard work and Sagittarius is about principles Saturn governs depression and Sagittarius is about optimism.

This transit of Saturn in Sagittarius will take us on a journey for nearly three years where we will explore our ideas and attitudes, expand our philosophies, better understand other people’s principles and belief systems.

The issue of education and the high cost of university tuition will be a major issue. There will be religious scandals. Karmic chickens will come home to roost for many in both these areas. Earlier hidden wrongdoing will be called on the carpet and changes will be made.

The danger will be that some in power (Pluto in Capricorn) will attempt to repress educational growth and expansion, inhibit intellectual growth and reinforce prejudices and antiquated, oppressive status quo “traditional” dogmas and belief systems. Higher education only for the elite and monied will be championed by some people in power.

The trine of Uranus in Aries to transit of Saturn in Sagittarius will bring support for the courage necessary to make changes and to awaken to new possibilities.

The best hope of Saturn in Sagittarius will be in the times, spaces and places where  people take responsibility (Saturn) and commit (Saturn) to expanding vision (Sagittarius), doing the right thing/doing justice (Sagittarius) and being realistic (Saturn) yet optimistic (Sagittarius).

Mutable Signs

This transit of Saturn in Sagittarius will challenge mutable signs most significantly Some would say Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will have an easier time of it but I doubt this to be true. Saturn will ride the backs of Sagittarians and opppose Geminis, while being at an even harsher square angle to Virgoans and Pisceans. This is not a ride in the park. Granted, mutable signs have an easier time than fixed and cardinal signs in adapting to new circumstances; but Saturn will be kicking butt, as usual.

Everyone will feel the shift of Saturn;but it will be a lighter, more jovial tones for us collectively as more than one solution becomes available to address the challenges, lessons and obstacles that arise.

Saturn Retrograde 2015

Saturn retrograde for a few months and re-enters Scorpio from June 14-September 17, 2015 before settling back into the The Archer where it will remain until late December 2017.

Realistic optimism is what we are being asked to learn, so we cna overcome aóbstacles and achieve great things. When you know the weather forecast says it will rain, you wear a raincoat and carry an umbrella, but who says it can’t be a rainbow colored umbrella? You can take responsibility and be prepared for a gray situation (Saturn) while bringing a smile and some joy (Sagittarius).

Handling Saturn in Sagittarius

The best way to handle this energy is to seek the higher octave of Sagittarius, which is through learning through peripatetic experience, seeking truth, expanding your perspective, exploration, discovery and being visionary. Sagittarius takes lemons and makes lemonade, a a spicy hot lemonade punch, lemon cake, lemon squares…carves up a turkey, lays out a cheese and cracker tray, puts on some music and throws a party. Saturn in Sagittarius will requires us all to expand our minds, hearts and experiences and be open to possibility and opportunity. To assist yourself in this, ask yourself these questions:

In what area of life are you stubbornly entrenched in a belief system/dogma/attitude?

In what area of life do you see problems but think there is no workable solution?

In what area of life do you believe it must be your way or the highway?

Where have you given up?

That is where Saturn will be breaking you down and building anew! Check for where Sagittarius is in your chart!

Order a transit chart report or consultation if you want to know how to handle the next three years.

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