Saturn In Sagittarius Square Neptune In Pisces: Hidden Savagery

Saturn In Sagittarius Square Neptune In Pisces: Hidden Savagery

Neptune in Pisces in its higher elevation is about creativity and spirituality.  Disturbingly, I am not seeing a lot of this in the world at present. What scares me is that I am seeing the lower form – lying, deception, hidden activities, hidden motives, and manipulative agendas. This is occurring especially in (sexual) relationships. Saturn in Scorpio 1982-1985 brought the emergence of a mysterious virus and then the explosion of HIV and AIDS to the forefront and learned something sinister: sex could cause death. Now, 30 years later with Saturn in Scorpio again and Neptune in Pisces, we have people lying about their HIV positive status and hiding their sexually transmitted diseases, infecting and eventually killing other people.

I am worried because with Saturn in Sagittarius coming, I think there will be even more irresponsible sexcapades (Sagittarius) and merging (Pisces) and the hidden-at-first (Neptune) consequences (Saturn), will be a spread of HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and death on an international  (Sagittarius) level.

Hardship and Pain Lurking Below the Surface

People operate under the delusion (Neptune) that because people like Magic Johnson have lived decades with HIV it is not such a serious thing to be infected by it or to infect people — and that  in fact is not necessary to mention you have it before you have sexual contact with someone.

With Chiron in Pisces, such deception will cause great wounds, the spread of chronic disease and death. This is unnecessary hardship and pain and it is lurking right below the surface of human relationships. There is also great potential for emotional and spiritual healing as well as wholeness with Chiron in Pisces, but only for those who want it.

Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces

Sagittarius has its jovial, fun-loving side and sex is a part of that; however when it does not get what it wants, Sagittarius can be outright mean, trying to hurt and shame you by assuring you that you are close-minded, narrow-minded, prudish, to conservative and above all, do not know how to have fun in life — all because you won’t let Sagittarius have its way with you.

Neptune in Pisces brings to mind the evolution we have made in being more open about sexual orientation and sexual practices and many have come forth with the revelation that they are bisexual (Pisces). This increases the amount of probabilities and percentages of sexual disease. A woman who is having sex with a bisexual man is exposed to the gay male sexual partners her partner has had sex with — highly increasing her chance of being infected with HIV/AIDS (Saturn in Scorpio)and other sexually transmitted diseases. Many adults under the age of 40 have “magical thinking” (Neptune) and believe that they are somehow immune to catching these disease or that they are eradicated or treatable as a chronic disease. But who wants HIV/AIDS in the first place? What woman wants to become involuntarily sterile after learning too late that she was infected with chlamydia, gonorrhea or syphilis?

Neptune in Pisces makes me concerned in general, regardless of sexual orientation about an upsurge in HIV/AIDS in the homosexual community due to lying about sexual practices and history. People really need to look out for #1 before trying to hook up with #2 or both #2 and#3.

The masculine energy of Saturn in Sagittarius will be aggressively pushing HARD at the feminine energy of Neptune in Pisces, with the Sagittarius energy manifesting as someone trying to have his/her own wild desires met through deceiving someone else who they know wants badly to merge and have connection. They will lie about what they are hiding beneath the surface and keep it hidden in order to take advantage of the other person. Often there will be lying, omission and hiding of information, misuse of spirituality, manipulation and coercion.

Do not take anyone’s promise, no matter how much you love them or how long you have known them. Go with them to the testing center and hear it with your own ears that they do not have any sexual diseases or infections.

Hidden Savagery

My advice from now through 2018 is to ignore this pompous bullcrap and listen to the intuitive warnings (Neptune in Pisces) that tell you to run away and stay away from that person or situation. They feel too wild and dangerous because they ARE too wild an dangerous. If they do not cause you only hardship or pain, they may well cause you permanent injury or death. The savage ravaging will not be revealed until it is too late.

Only after they have successfully pushed and ridiculed you into getting neck deep into the water will you learn it is filled with piranhas.

People will be smiling in people’s cafes and wishing them well, while tripping them into the water…then turning their back and refusing to help when the piranhas come to eat you alive.

Getting back to shore will be terrifyingly difficult if not impossible. If you get back to shore, you will not get back without terrible injury — maybe lifelong.

Jupiter in Virgo 2015/2016: No Testing? No Sex.

But there will be help later in Saturn in Sagittarius, from Jupiter in Virgo. Jupiter in Virgo will empower people to stand up against Saturn in Sagittarius and hold the line. Virgo is not so eager to merge and in fact is all about cleanliness, orderliness and hygiene, and doing things right. Virgo is not about spontaneity. It is Sagittarius that wants to thrown caution to the wind. Jupiter in Virgo will endure the ridicule and taunting about a critical nature, prudishness and narrow-minded attitudes, then come back with lots of arguments as to why they are right and finally they will state their immovable position: No STD and HIV/AIDS testing? No sex. 

No plan? No adventure!

However, during this transit, there will be help from the other side as Jupiter in Virgo comes in to help form a mutable T-Square. In 2016, Jupiter in Virgo will square Saturn in Sagittarius. Jupiter and Saturn will be in a 3º orb square from March 4, 2016 – May 20, 2016. Then they will be in an exact square at 13º from May 23, 2016 – May 31 2016 (especially affecting the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) and again in a loose 3º orb square from June 1, 2016 – June 18, 2016. Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius will be the more challenging of the two energies.

During Jupiter in Virgo put your ego away or it will get crushed and you will be embarrassed. Promote others and good causes, not yourself and your goals. Think hard and plan beforehand how you can, under your own control, postpone and delay things until after these periods are done. This way you have control over the fact that they are not progressing and you will reduce your frustration and anger. Plan (not a Sagittarius thing!) how you can do things in very slow moderation (again not a Sagittarius thing!).

We might see some serious lawsuits (Saturn in Sagittarius) over these kinds of cases. There will be some curtailing, limitations and punishments (Saturn) of misused sexual freedom (Sagittarius) as the justice system  brings things back to order (Jupiter in Virgo).

Mixing Freedom and Expansion with Creativity and Spirituality

The key will be to allow people more freedom and expansion (Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius) to explore and grow (Sagittarius) while still maintaining some sense of balance and order (Virgo) . Implementing creativity and spirituality (Neptune in Pisces) while doing so will ease the transition and open doors.

When Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius occurs in 2015/2016, you will be asked to be responsible in matters of sexual practices and habits, health, independence, religion and philosophy, justice and education. If you wish to expand and have more freedom, you must bring stability and create structure through the use of creativity, spirituality and nurture of others.

You will find yourself blocked and maybe even permanently harmed if you act recklessly and irresponsibly under Saturn in Sagittarius. If you act to raise the profile of others, you will see your profesional CV and personal profile elevated.

  • Neptune in Pisces will want to take the easy road and flow whichever way the stronger energy is going;
  • Saturn in Sagittarius will want to resist any restraint and lead things off in any path it finds suits itself but will get suffer loss and stagnation if it is not the road to maturity;
  • Jupiter in Virgo has enough self-control that it will not mind expanding or following, but it will want to expand in an orderly fashion and know that the leader is not taking things off on a wild and dangerous mission.

Working in concert, these energies can achieve great things.

Whatever Saturn brings to the forefront — and challenges, blocks, stagnates, breaks down, restricts or limits — is necessary to integrate and implement in your plans so that the project, marriage, relationship, business, new start, launch etc will be successful.

Healing Through Radical Honesty

The  right path and the best path during this time of Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces is through the healing power of radical, detailed full disclosure and honesty (Virgo). Humans and human relationships will only flourish and grow through such a position. Unnecessary suffering and sacrifice (Virgo) will be avoided in this way. Freedom (Sagittarius), satisfying interdependence (Pisces)  and healing connection in human relationships (Chiron in Pisces) will be attained in this way.

Be humble. If you do something wrong, admit you are wrong and then do right (Virgo). If you mess up in a relatioship, clean up your mess (Virgo). Leave no loose ends hanging for the piranhas!

Either during or once this period has passed, you can make the changes or adjustments necessary and then move forward with changing your life for the better!

If you have ANY questions about this, especially around a relationship, order a confidential consultation.

3 thoughts on “Saturn In Sagittarius Square Neptune In Pisces: Hidden Savagery

  1. Hello, I saw a link to your article – – today and was very inspired by it.
    I myself got the HIV – virus in 1985 during the previous Saturn in Scorpio transit. I wrote an article about parts of my journey here
    All that was before the big Pluto Uranus squares and Saturns latest transit to Scorpio which all really turned my world around. I am going to write a musical theatrical piece “Casanova’s Curse” which will be a voyage through all the themes you cover in your article. Thanks a lot, Mads

    1. Thank you for your comment Mads. I am glad it was inspiring. I know that my writing is intense, usually quite detailed and direct. LOL, my Virgo placements demand it. I would be interested to hear show Saturn in Pluto transformed you and your world. It impacted me and I know it has impacted many in my immediate world….quite a few in Copenhagen. I want astrology to get nito the reality of life for people and be an insightful guide, not a fear. It sounds as if you have learned a lot on your journey. Are you now in your first Chiron Return?

      1. I am a Virgo too 🙂 and yes, I am right now getting ready for my third out of five direct Chiron returns.

        In the article that I have linked to, you can also find my chart.

        My most accurate natal aspect is a partile 11th house Leo Mercury – 2nd House Scorpio Neptune square.

        For my Solar Return 2014, I had the very intensive gift of a Saturn – Mars conjunction on my Neptune squaring a Venus – BML conjunction on my Mercury.

        Neptune is 2nd house of course can give a very illusive and presumed immolating relationship to values and Leo of course is not the least proud sign in the zodiac.

        This aspect was torn apart. I went bankrupt, had to swallow aeons of pride and at last I managed to ask for help.

        And I got so generously. I got a financial repair plan, Ive paid back quite a lot of my debts. And I am very much a totally different man.

        The rest Ill tell in my book 🙂

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