Saturn in Scorpio Ends – September 17, 2015 – What Did You Learn?

Saturn in Scorpio Ends – September 17, 2015 – What Did You Learn?

Saturn in Scorpio ends at 7:49 PM PST / 10:49 PM EST tonight (4:49AM CEST  on Friday September 18 in Central Europe). What have you learned since Saturn took a wrecking ball to your life around money,taxes, inheritances, sex, intimacy, secrets and death?

Saturn in Scorpio took a wrecking ball to our shaky structures where we were mishandling sex, intimacy, money, taxes, inheritances , death and endings. We hat dig deep into ourselves and our lives and find something secure on which to rebuild.

wreckingballFor many it has been a long hard road and these last weeks of the Saturn retrograde brought you back to last November and December 2014. Something repeated itself so you could learn the lesson.

Did you get things right with your taxes? How did you deal with inheritance issues?

Did you get matter straight in your sexual life and become more healthy, free and comfortable?

Did you purge people and habits from your life if it was an unhealthy relationship?

Were you forced to deal with deaths in the family or otherwise close to you, if not yourself?

Take whatever lesson your learned and let it sink deep. Continue to do the work you know you must do around money, sex, death, and endings. Stick to these decisions and your life will improve. What was the point of all the pain, if you have not learned to do better. Now that you know better, do better.

Oh – and look for some surprises. I opened my mail to find a letter from a government department informing me that I have won my appeal against a municipal government that has done illegal acts to deprive me of money and affect my housing for some time. Saturn in Scorpio has been transiting my 4th house. While it was a long hard struggle I persevered (Saturn) and in the end am getting my financial reward. Interestingly enough there is another related mater to be decided too, by another entity. I have a good feeling…but however it comes down, I know that justice will be done and financially things will be righted. I also learned lessons about handling my finances even better. All of that is what Saturn and Saturn in Scorpio have been about.

Saturn enters Sagittarius, at 4:49 a.m. (18 Sept. 2015 and will remain there until December 20, 2017.

Are you ready?

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