Saturn in Scorpio: How Have You Transformed?

Saturn in Scorpio: How Have You Transformed?

"Transformation" - The Goddess Tarot  Kris Waldherr
“Transformation” – The Goddess Tarot
Kris Waldherr

The goddess Uke Moki is the Shinto goddess of food and cooking in Japan (“Goddess Who Possesses Food”). She produces a bounty of food (from her body!) that nourishes and feeds. Eve after she was killed by an evil god for producing food from her body, her slain body transformed or re-birthed into life-sustaining, nourishing food. She was transformation personified.

Speaking of food, Saturn is the karmic chickens coming home to roost. You WILL be transformed or you will die (or some part of your life will end/die).

Scorpio is RAW. It is about our soul lessons, It opens the door to the cellar of our soul and reveals to us every foul, stinking, corrupt, nasty thing we do not want to see about ourselves — and also what we do not want others to see about us. It exposes our shadow side — our shame, guilt, fears and the immorality and lack of ethics. How low can you go? Scorpio will show you how low you have gone and how low yo are willing to go. It shows you show low you are willing to allow someone else to (mis)treat you in a relationship or situation. It shows you how down and dirty yo are willing to go in financial and sexual situations. How you are willing to risk your life and kill your soul in the name of sex, money and power.

Power, Sex, Intimacy, Money, Shared Resources

Saturn in Scorpio makes you aware that you are powerless and have in your life. Bit it is only because you have not mastered yourself that you have lack. It is only because you have not gotten real and been mature in sex, intimacy, money and self-mastery that you experience other people having power over you in sex, intimacy and money. You gave them power by not being mature in these areas of life.

It is under Saturn in Scorpio that a man from a well-known family, becomes so desperate for the fulfillment he thinks money and wealth will bring him and is so wounded by an early sexual performance, that he decides to secretly invest his money in pornography and a sex club. He loses power over himself and his reputation, which results in him facing the loss (death) of his relationship with the woman he wants to marry and create a family with, and he is ashamed to tell anyone what he has gotten himself into, spiraling deeper into teh secrecy every day that he refuses to come clean about it to the woman he loves.

The Challenge Of Transformation

The process of transformation is difficult and challenging. Sometimes we feel it will kill us. In some way we do die, or some part of our life or way of living dies, in order to be re-born in a different form or mode. It is through disappointment, loss, abandonment and death that we come to master a part of ourselves. We face harsh circumstances that threaten to or do break us. We face our mortality or at the very least, the death (ending) of a relationship or situation. We must handle everything with absolute and complete honesty and go deep into the depths of the relationship, the situation or ourselves.

Saturn in Scorpio wants you to face the foulness and filth deep in your soul so you can purge it and live an authentic life.

Saturn in Scorpio wants you to face the fact that you are a terrible money manager, have debt and owe taxes, so you can get it all cleared up and straightened out. Go through the hellish trail of confessing your indebtedness and getting help, talking to the IRS, filling out those forms and making those back payments or payment arrangements. Then you will have e reward of sleeping well and waking up unafraid, because you are FINANCIALLY FREE.

Life, Death And Other Saturn In Scorpio Themes:

Life and death situations arise during Saturn in Scorpio and the hard (Saturn) thing to do is the right thing  (Saturn) to do. Saturn is about maturity and being real. It is about breaking down a faulty part of your life and breaking it into crumbled stones and dust so that you can rebuild a solid and secure foundation. It is about getting real over sex, money and power in such a way that you are the master of yourself in matters of sex and money.

Other Saturn in Scorpio themes are::

  • empowerment
  • sex scandals
  • sexual abuse
  • dark father issues
  • banking reforms
  • inheritance problems
  • psychics, Tarot readers, mediums and other spiritual workers
  • spirituality
  • lessons in power
  • taboos
  • corruption and abuse
  • IRS and other tax scandals
  • political scandals and falls form grace
  • debt, lack of money and resources
  • BDSM, domination and sadism
  • self-mastery
  • problems with authority figures and institutions

During Saturn in Scorpio , we are also experiencing the long-term transits of Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. Themes around finances and power are emphasized. This is an extraordinary time to become the maser of your life via your finances and sexuality. If you do it at this time, you will be POWERFUL in your life and in your sphere of influence no mater where you go. You will be a person of respect and you will dominate with your strength of character and your authentic life.

Neptune in Pisces will assist us through empowering us to be more open spirituality, to surrender more easily to ourselves, our partners and situations where we must release control and learn to be vulnerable. It will make it easier to transmute your energy and to transform immobilizing fear into courageous action.

Saturn in Scorpio wants you to get real and become authoritative and powerful through self-mastery. When you do you will see the results in such a positive manner you will wonder why you resisted. Saturn in Scorpio will take you through your paces and you may wonder if life will ever be good again. It will — if you get real, stay real and do the right thing. Once you do, the old, dead, unfruitful parts of yourself will die off and end and then, your life will transform, rebirth and grow.

Saturn in Scorpio is ending on December 23, 2014 and will not return until June 2015 for a last  “push” in our lives. Since October 5, 2012, how have you transformed your life so far?

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