Saturn in Scorpio Stations Direct – August 2, 2015 – Endings, Deaths, Power, Sex and Money

Saturn in Scorpio Stations Direct – August 2, 2015 – Endings, Deaths, Power, Sex and Money

It is summertime and quite beautiful inside, However, sitting inside typing, reflecting, and typing some more, as well as measuring, laying out and then doing it all again has been my daily activity for the last two months. I am finishing a book, a children’s books, that has been some 30 years in the making. For some time it was stalled out and then after some fuzzy, dark and at times, painful revelations and events it is now on the way to being published soon. the turning point has arrived. This is Saturn in Scorpio, stationing direct.

saturnscorpiodirectSaturn, the planet of commitment, responsibility, foundation and structure — also known as the Lord of Death and the Lord of Karma — stations direct on August 2, 2015 at 28º 17′ Scorpio. We have already been working since October 6, 2012. Those with fixed energy signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius as a Sun. Moon or Ascendant (on the angles of your chart) have been most impacted. However all of us have a Saturn in Scorpio story to tell about how sex. death, endings, money and power have been broken down and will be reshaped in our lives.


Power, sex and money were the hallmarks of success in imperial Rome just as they are today in American capitalism and most places in the world. But if we remember the story correctly, the Roman Empire fell. It is no more.


Saturn in Scorpio has, for me, dug deeply into my 4th house of home and family and brought up all the worms, slugs and hidden matter in the dark recesses of memory and over time. Saturn in Scorpio is a spiritual therapist who makes you feel the deep wounds and bash through the thick blocks, so you can experience healing in a deep soul level. With Saturn in Scorpio, these blocks are around joint resources, family money and money in general. credit, karmic debts, loans, taxes, merged assets, sexual intimacy, partnerships involving sex and intimacy. psychological wounding connected to sex death, death itself and the complexities of the marriage relationship that comes after the wedding is done.


Power must be shared or in some cases yielded, for a strong union to be made. Truth must be faced. Reality must be accepted. Changes, deep changes, must sometimes be made — if there is to be a sustainable bond and a future.


Solidifying Your Transformation


Although my history is one of dealing directly with thing, no matter how painful, and I had done a lot of work years before about Scorpio matters and 4th house matters, there were still some things to deal with that were painful. However, by facing them head-on, I experienced not only some harsh wounding but deep soul level healing. Out of it is coming a series of books that will be a healing and educating force beyond my physical time on Earth. I am making sure the book is absolutely perfect and it is scheduled to publish in early October. Then I will be working with Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo (Jupiter rules Sagittarius) and Venus in Virgo.


It is still dark as I deal with the last vestiges of my 4th house Scorpio stuff (I undergo transformation the same things as everyone else!).  I am still dealing with the wounds and healing However, I have now learned how strong I am, who my real family and friends are, where I can expect support and where I cannot, who I cannot include in my life and something very important. Now I know the way in which I will form a family of my own with good health, strength, love, and strong positive values and practices around marriage, money, sex, power and intimacy. Marriage, home and family has always been important to me but I never saw how it really would fit into life for me. I wanted a marriage, a good home and a sound family and I was not sure I would have one of my own. Now I know very clearly that I not only can, but I will — and I am ready for it. I have purged from my life all that would interfere with it and made an internal shift to welcome it with open arms now that the timing is FINALLY and wonderfully RIGHT. I am solidifying my transformation and moving in the right direction for me at the right time.


Remember it is always about what is eight for YOU. Not someone else. If you have spent all of your adult life unmarried like me, there is nothing wrong with you. It is highly probable that you take marriage more seriously than others and you have spent your adult life contributing to society through your career and volunteer work on a more significant scale than has someone who has led another type of life. Your life is not inferior or worthless. It is quite valuable and significant and RIGHT.


I have shifted from a focus on career and travel to home, family  and working from home. Frankly. I put my focus on this area of life 10 years ago, ready to have a marriage, home and family. A life consisting only of a career is not a solid foundation and I wanted change. That would have been about the time Saturn entered the bottom  or personal/internal half of my chart. My focus has changed and it will remain this way the rest of my life — or at least the the next 40-50 years. I like, everyone else, have about a month more to put all the pieces together. Or in my case, layout the text and words to this book so it can be published (2nd house Uranus, so you know I am taking the alternative route and self-publishing). You must define the right future for you.


Now that Saturn in Scorpio is direct, you must understand the ways in which you have a faulty foundation in some area of your life (check your chart) and get healed. No whining. No blaming someone else for what is wrong, weak or missing  in some area of your life. Accept your karma, face the truth about people and situations in your life, get healed, learn your lessons, master your responsibilities and commit to a new and better life. Endings have come, relationships and people have died. Things have been purged for your life. New structures have been built. The final touches are being put on things. You ave come to new awareness and readiness. Be ready to move forward and visible progress late on September 18, 2015.


Soon there will be reason to celebrate!



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