Saturn in Scorpio & The Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Saturn in Scorpio & The Solar Eclipse in Taurus

scorpioSaturn in Scorpio is a HEAVY transit. Saturn is no joke anyway and in the sign of Scorpio, people tell me they are really feeling the pressure. It is a steady pressure, a presure in which they are being pushed to make some change, bear up under heavy burdens, and in some cases retreat into an solitude that sometimes washes over into loneliness.

The universe is not “out to get” you, me or anyone. Rather, it is a perfectly ordered universe, even when things seem chaotic. There is a method to the madness, or method to what seems to be unbearable. Saturn teaches us strong lessons by grinding us down with a heavy weight. It is like a stone. Whereas Neptune affects us by dissolving what is false, and Uranus shocks us rudely out of of the places we should not be in, Saturn pressures us to make the changes by letting us feel the consequences. If we honor the process, we get rewards.

The solar eclipse coming in a few days on May 9 at 19 degrees Taurus is one that will bring ending but mostly new beginnings. Look to where it is transiting in your chart. That house is where you will feel the most changes and conversely there may also be an effect in the opposite house.

If you have Saturn transiting the 4th house, then expect new beginnings around your home and living situation, which may also affect your career. You could move into a new home, be asked to move in with someone to make a home together, find a way to create a space that enables you to work from home, or deal with some family issues and have an opportunity to get them resolved once and for all. Secrets kept in the family can come out now and be met face-to-face.

A new beginning is about to arise out of the ashes of the endings you recently experienced on or around April 25 with the lunar eclipse in Scorpio. The women who were dumped out of your life or who died, or who no longer figures so much into your daily life, are gone. Sometimes this is quite painful, as in your mother dying or having something happen to her which means she is no longer who she was. Now it is a time to grieve and somehow new life will come at this solar eclipse in Taurus.

At other times a lunar eclipse (removing women or feminine men from your life) can mean, as it did for this writer, that you no longer have an association with some women who were definitely not beneficial for your life, success and growth. For this writer, the lunar eclipse in Scorpio quickly showed that the women who remain in contact with me and therefore as part of my life, are women whose values and lifestyles are ones which are beneficial and supportive of this writer’s growth and life direction.

A solar eclipse is masculine energy. It is new beginning energy in some area. It can mean in an overriding sense that you as a male connect with a woman who is a great match for you (new love and romance, and especially focused on money and luxury with Taurus), or as a woman that you meet someone who is ready to give you some of the nice things in life and most of all, be reliable and committed. Bulls and Scorpions generally don’t flit around in multiple relationships.

Saturn in Scorpio is delving into the Deep…delving into YOUR Deep. The depths of your psyche are being washed up and exposed. The karma of your past actions in the area of life covered by the house it is currently transiting is here.

I am of the belief that we can learn from pain and so if a Saturn transit is painful listen to the lesson and make some decisions so you can be supported by Saturn and not sat upon by it. I have come to this conclusion after experiencing many a hard transit. I also believe that solitude and being with oneself need not be lonely. Enjoying one’s own company is a worthwile and valuable thing in life. We must be secure within to have security without.

Join me in looking honestly at what needs to end in our lives, what transitions to new beginnings are unearthing and opening up to us. and where we need to be a bit more patient and use time in solitude to prepare ourselves.

The Taurus Solar Eclipse occurs on May 9-10, 2013 at 5:29pm PDT/ 8:29pm EDT/ 12:29am GMT/1:29am CEDT.


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