Saturn in Virgo: A Home for Retired Prostitutes

Saturn in Virgo: A Home for Retired Prostitutes

The Oldest Profession in the World

Prostitution, or more accurately, the sex industry, is the oldest profession in the world. It is women serving others using their bodies and getting paid for it. But what happens when women are too old to continue in this profession? None of us want to think about that. – but now Mexico City has done so. A woman there, Carmen Munoz, with the help of the mayor of Mexico City and some private donors, has open a home for retired prostitutes:

Retirement Home for Prostitutes

I think this should be applauded and repeated around the world. Down through history women have had to sell or barter the only thing usually left to them in order ot obtain food, shelter and security: their bodies. Some will state their belief that women barter their bodies in exchange for these things still, in the form of marriage.It can be said that is an exaggeration or falsehood, but how many women in thei world would have survived without providing sexual gratification in exchange for a man who would feed, clothe, shelter and provide them with some measure of status in society? Generally men get larger salaries than women – many times with the thought in mind that the man is providing for the family or a potential family and a woman is only working a side job until she gets married. Sadly, we have not come a long way baby!!

Virgo : The Madonna, The Whore & The Madam

Men have for centuries categorized women into two categories: the virginal Madonna and mother who provides you with a nice home and children, and the naughty Whore with whom you have secret wild sex.

Virgo is symbolized commonly as The Virgin. Although it means being self-contained and not dependent upon a man (or any other person for that matter), it has come to be narrowly interpreted as a woman who has not had sexual intercourse, or an old lady spinster librarian…you know the stereotype. She is the Madonna mother/wife who we are not supposed to envision having sex (and if she does she should not enjoy it) and then whoops! she is (mysteriously) pregnant with a child. Sadly, a small percentage of men no longer want to have sex with their wives after they have a child because then she has become The Madonna. Oh the things women endure!

Many Virgo are viewed like this Madonna; that is, many through whatever circumstances compose their life, are single, and do not have the regular, plentiful sex lives we hear of with so many others.

But do not let this fool you because I know some Virgos who are very influenced by their Piscean energy and other aspects in their charts that represent things in their life – and they are so sexually active and in so many ways, they make up for six sexless Virgos (*smiles*). Of course, now these Virgos would be considered to be whores.

But we toss around that word whore in a nasty way. Whores, prostitutes, lady of the evening or night, are considered to be females who are not really female or not deserving of respect and dignity because they make men pay money for sex.

Sometimes it not directly for money. Recall the film “Forrest Gump”? Mrs. Gump had sex with the principal of the school she wanted little Forrest to attend, because otherwise it would not have happened. She wanted that quality education for her son so he would have the best in life that she could secure for him. She sold her body to a man for her son’s education. Um, would you call her a whore?

When you think about it, it is quite intelligent for women to charge for what they know is a valuable commodity and that own. It is is especially better if the woman can keep her profits and not be forced to give the profits to a pimp. However, I do like the Madam.

One of my favorite movie character was Belle from “Gone with the Wind”. She was a businesswoman who was self-sustaining and the caretaker of a lot of women in Atlanta. She ran a private club that was in plain terms, a brothel. She saved girls from abusive situations, and in a society where they had little other options for career, security and a life in general, she acted as The Mother. She provided them with a safe atmosphere in which to work their trade and in exchange for a portion of the sale provided food, shelter and safety. Modern-day brothels can be quite spectacular. Ever see that film “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”? It was humorous but look also at the quality of the life the women had. They could enjoy their work and walk away with something in the bank. Around the world, wherever prostitution is legal, healthcare is provided and the women are truly acknowledged as being working women in a legitimate profession.

Saturn in Virgo is the energy under which this retirement home has occurred. Saturn, the sagacious Parent, sets things right by providing the resources for women (Virgo) who did what they had to do to make money for their families. It is a horrific, deadening life to walk the streets and sell the use of your body for someone else’s pleasure. Pile on top of that an abusive, unscrupulous pimp who takes most or all of the money from each transaction and possibly physically abuses you, and you have a living hell.

I noted in that BBC story that one retired woman in the home is not acknowledged by her two sons. Well let me ask you – just how do those two sons, those two men, think they ate and had a roof over their heads? They had it because their mother, seeing their poverty, and desiring to keep her children alive, sold what she had and did what she had to do in order to provide for them and keep them alive. She accomplished her mission and deserves reward, not shame and shunning.

I think about what has happened to these women inside over the years, not just in their bodies, but inside their souls and psyches.

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