Saturn in Virgo: Unearthing Dirty Wrongful Deeds and Digging Up the Details

Saturn in Virgo: Unearthing Dirty Wrongful Deeds and Digging Up the Details

This combination means lots of things done wrongfully are getting bound to be revealed and a call will be issued for them to be set right. Such is the case in Denmark, where in 2002 laws were passed (aimed at Muslims but officially laid out aainst everyone so as to avoid obvious discrimination) restricting immigration, including a law preventing Danes who marry non-Danes from living in their own country (!!!) unless they were both at least 24 years old AND could somehow prove they had closer ties to Denmark than to anywhere else…based on fluid criteria set by the person processing the family reunification application. Apparently this has always been in violation of EU law (freedom of movement) and the Danish immigration service was supposed to tell these couples that they only needed to live in another EU country for two weeks and work 11 hours before they cold return to live in Denmark. As a result there are 2000 or more married couples (with one Danish spouse) living in Sweden just across the water from Copenhagen.

This week they are beginning the return to their Danish homeland, now that it has been exposed that the immigration service in Denmark has been “forgetting” to tell these couples of this loophole for the last six (6) years. Of course this was not a problem when Danish Crown Prince Frederick married an Australian woman in 2004 and when Prince Joachim married a French woman this year.

Lies are still lies evrn if they are in the form of omitting, suppressing for “forgetting” to tell vital information!

Saturn in Virgo plays no games when it comes to doing the right thing. I suspect this is going to cause some damage to political parties (i.e. Danish People’s Party) who plotted and manipulated to keep this hidden these last six (6) years. Now there will be 4000+ people to vote against those politicians and their policies in the next election

You can read the stories here, from the Copenhagen Post:

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