Saturn Retrograde 2016

Saturn Retrograde 2016

“Hold your horses” is a phrase my parents used a lot with my siblings and me. When I look back I can see truly it was like having a herd of wild, untamed horses in one room when we were together. It was WILD. Like the mustangs that ran the prairies of the USA prior to the early 20th century, wild and free was the life. Taming a horse for domestic use is no easy feat. An animal accustomed to eing free is slowly run down, caught and its power harnessed by a force that can patiently outwit and overpower it. This is Saturn in Sagittarius.

Saturn Retrograde 2016 – The Lord of Karma

Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Retrograde motion is a time when karma is sorted out. Therefore Saturn retrograde 2016 is a double dose of karma. With the current aspect square transiting Neptunein Pisces, this has been challenging our delusions and demanding we show integrity and authenticity. Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces from November 26, 2015 through September 10, 2016 (the time span from the first to the final exact hit). You can no longer scapegoat and blame others for your dis-ease in life.

It is really not a matter of celestial revenge. It is a practical spiritual matter of cause and effect. Karma is a form of energy that expresses itself in a real,  practical and intensely hard manner. Karma is what comes to you and you can responsd or react. You can accept and embrace it or you can fight it. It is those times when something occurs that makes you feel GOOD and positive or BAD and and negative

Both karma and the planet Saturn are bound to the element of time – past, present and future. The past actions/causes have consequences now in the present and your response will create the future. The cycle continues from there even though we always only are in the NOW. If we have done harm or been irresponsible in the past, then at a certain predestined time, an event will occur to teach us a lesson. If we been good in the past, then at a predestined time, an event will occur to reward us for our good deeds. With Saturn in retrograde motion, the karma will relate to how responsible we have been in the past. The implications will affect our sense of security.

Mustangs: Spirits of the Wild West | Smithsonian

Taming Those Wild Horses

Sagittarius wants FREEDOM to do what it wants, how it wants and when it wants. Saturn demands RESTRAINT and calls for maturity, structure and boundaries. If you have ever seen wild mustangs or any other horse tamed, then you have seen how boundaries/fences are first arranged, and then the horses are forced to run in smaller and smaller spaces. They are eventually harnessed and forced into enclosures, then they are ridden repeatedly until they stop bucking the rider. Their spirits are broken.

I would not say Saturn wants to break your spirit, but the Cosmic Parent and Teacher does want you to start living within a certain code, and learning to limit your freedom yourself. The harder you buck against Saturn, the worse it is for you. You will find in 2016 during Saturn in Sagittarius retrograde that you have less options and more restraints. You must also watch what you say and how you say it. Sagittarius likes to state the truth as it sees it, even if that means in sarcasm or cynicism or simply words that cut deeply. However, doing that now will have consequences that you do not like. Saturn in Sagittarius will show you the benefits of silence and diplomacy.

This could be in any area of life in your natal chart where Saturn is transiting and the opposite area of life. Examine the chart for the moment Saturn stations retrograde and note its timing or degree. Next,  compare that to your natal chart. If you have been doing your work, hard work, all along, Saturn retrograde will reward you in times places and situations where Saturn retrograde favorably aspects your chart (such as a conjunction, sextile or trine), then you should do better than if Saturn harshly aspects your chart (such as an opposition or square).

The major theme of Saturn in Sagittarius is saturnine chickens coming home to roost. Those who have been deceitful, ishonesty and manipulative — especially trying to control other people, will find their deeds now come back to haunt them. The victims of treachery, deceit and scandal have the hope of being vindicated. In situations where there has been no deciet but merely excess and invasion of other people’s boudaries, there will be a settling of accounts. Many wild horses will be tamed in 2016 — and those that are not will suffer breakdowns in relationships and life situations throughout 2016 and 2017 until they are tamed. This will be a distasteful and messy process.

Freedom (Sagittarius) actually requires structure and commitment (Saturn).

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

saturnsagfreedomThe overall transit of Saturn in Sagittarius is about sincerity and authenticity. Now is the time to practice what you preach adn what you preach needs to be sound. During this transit, especially while it is retrograde, get yourself a mentor, an elder, or some authority figure and start learning the things that you have pushed away and said you would get to later. Explore, go deeper and ask the hard questions. Question your beliefs and test your positions. Discard what has led you astray and keep what works and has proved to be authentic and full of integrity. This also includes your friends and associates.  Focus on one or two special projects in life and make them high quality. If you have a Sun in Sagittarius, this is especially a message for you!  Dedication to one or two meaningful pursuits or undertakings can be significantly more satisfying than spreading ourselves around. In order to really benefit and learn from this period, we need to accept that some options may be limited in order to enjoy a simpler, more fulfilling life. Start immediately buiklding new structures in your life that (yes!) place limits on your freedom WildChild. Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Saturn in Sagittarius, due to its square with transiting Neptune in Pisces, is a signature of universal suffering right now. Everyone is dealing with the results of the past several years of hard pressure and deep trauma. The Uranus/Pluto Square has taken its toll on us. We have been brought low and must figure out how we will live from here. We are faced with cleansing and controlling ourselves and our lives and not blaming anyone else for anything. We cannot change anyone else or anything else outside us. That message is clear. If we choose to be deluded (Neptune in PIsces) and blame others rather than do the hard work  and practice (Saturn) what we preach (Sagittarius) we will only hurt ourselves. Our hypocrisy will, in the end, only damage us.

Saturn retrograde 2016 is demanding this winter and into the spring, that we

  • avoid trying to control the people in our lives through the information we share with them, or through belief systems by imposing our ideas on others
  • learn that there is freedom and liberation in abiding by certain rules, and in some level of self-denial —  freedom is not about escaping responsibility – it is about what we can enjoy after tending to our responsibilities
  • seek practical applications of our personal philosophies by firming up our belief systems while avoiding rigid thinking
  • making clear choices and decisions, for weeding out what isn’t working for us, and for letting go of lost causes
  • eliminate excessive or overdone expectations through a healthy dose of realism without pessimism — you can still practice positive mindset an yet be realistic and spiritually uplifted
  • must individually stay in good circulation: walk, circulate, build flexibility, and take care of our legs/veins, hips, and thighs. Disciplined or solitary sports are excellent

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