Saturn in Sagittarius: Beating Dead Horses, Excessive Control and Isolating Independence

Saturn in Sagittarius: Beating Dead Horses, Excessive Control and Isolating Independence

Sometimes we can go too far in expressing our freedom. Sometimes we can be too dogmatic about our opinion. Sometimes we isolate ourselves from everyone by being overly independent. Sometimes we do not know when the party is over — we continue drinking, dancing and lacking seriousness when others have had enough. Sometimes we care only about how much we can do without taking responsibility – at the expense of others.  These are being dealt with by Saturn in Sagittarius. Are you seeing yourself in any of these traits?

Saturn demands we limit ourselves, restrict ourselves and get real, Saturn craves discipline, authenticity, simplicity and authenticity. Saturn is now in Jupiter’s sign, Sagittarius and that makes things a bit tricky. Jupiter is all about expansion, growth and getting bigger. We have contraction and expansion happening at the same time. The need is to find the balance.

Sagittarius wants us to live out our beliefs and truths, express our faith, be loyal, be expansive in our expression and be wise.

Saturn in Sagittarius is giving us a very real hunger for knowledge, wisdom, truth, authenticity, and the reality of our life situations and attitudes. Saturn takes us slowly through the areas where we need to make corrections, and brings us to a full stop when we are not getting things right. Saturn is all about time and time is on Saturn’s side. After 2.5 years most of us get the lesson we are being taught. Some wiser people get it early and heed the signs. Those who humbly accept Saturn’s lessons reap rewards.

With Saturn in Sagittarius there is a strong desire to gain control over the people in our lives through belief systems (imposing our beliefs on others) or by restricting the amount of information we share with them (silent treatment, withdrawal or “disappearing” are forms of these). This may be conscious or unconscious. There is a warning, however, that these behavior will be rewarded with punishment in some form; you won’t like what you reap if you do these things to control other people. The only person we can ultimately control is ourselves.

The three areas I see a lot of people struggling with during Saturn in Sagittarius are beating a dead horse, excessiveness and extreme independence that isolates.

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Beating Dead Horses

Beating a dead horse is basically dogmatism. Hey, if you want to have a certain belief, fine. However no one else MUST believe what you do. Let it go. Release it and do not try to bring negative consequences on someone for not ascribing to your point of view. If you lose, you lose, If you win, don’t rub it in someone’s face. People heard you the first time. When the horse is dead, stop beating it.

Sagittarius beats the dead horse by insisting on sticking with its position no matter that it is causing conflict, harming others or is simply mean-spirited. Sagittarius likes to debate and argue. Stinging sarcasm is a Sagittarius weapon. Saturn in Sagittarius increases the tendency to become immovable. But if you are having a Saturn Return in Sagittarius, this is a trait that will bring you more pain in the end through loss of relationships and in situations.

Excessive Irresponsibility

Sagittarius likes to be wild. Heh heh, that can be fun, sometimes. But with Saturn in the sign the party has a curfew. There are rules. Commitment must be made. You cannot have everything the way you want it. Sometimes you cannot be as spontaneous as you would like to be. You will pay a steep price for going overboard and not using that condom. You will hurt yourself and others with your behavior and you WILL feel the consequences rather painfully.

I will say it again (and some of you, especially one  former boyfriend) will hate this — commitment brings freedom. Freedom is about enjoying life after handling your responsibilities. The liberation comes in following the rules. Self-denial brings mature growth and expansion. Structures must be put into place. Some things must be released or curtailed so that there can be stronger, better growth. I think about that TLC song “Waterfalls”.

Sagittarius aims to increase understanding and awareness, and with Saturn here, we need to do so in a structured, realistic way. The same is true for expanding our horizons and thinking in new ways – Sagittarius can be a little “messy” in its pursuit of new knowledge and experiences, and Saturn wants to clean this up. Sagittarius focuses on the big picture and gains confidence as a result, but Saturn wants us to fill in some of the details. Positive thinking is wonderful, but if it doesn’t have basis in reality, it can lead us astray or to disappointment, and this is another of Saturn’s lessons. Saturn aims to cut out excessive or overdone expectations. Under good conditions and ideally, Saturn gives us a dose of realism without pessimism, essentially keeping us in line without dampening our spirits (too much).

Isolating Independence

Saturn in Sagittarius taken to an extreme can be reflected in removing yourself so much from others in order to become more conscious that you remove yourself from the very people who can help you become less rigid in your thinking and more flexible in your expression. Remember that you can use others as a sounding board and allow them to use you in that manner. In this way, you can test your beliefs and get feedback. Saturn wants to be right and Saturn in Sagittarius influences us to want to be right about You will hear other opinions and that will help you learn more about what it is you believe and whether you are on solid or shaky ground. You do not want to awaken and find you have no people to have conversations with because you have offended them all by shunning them and not engaging. We need each other in this life. Sharing the balance of listening (Saturn) and talking (Jupiter) and a bowl of ice cream is better than being right and alone.

Lack of Confidence

For others, Saturn in Sagittarius may be a time when yo find you have great difficulty (Saturn) in expressing your ideas and opinions (Sagittarius). Some will take a great deal of time formulating and sharing ideas, and worrying about whether they are right (Saturn) or not. Confidence may seem to be lacking.

True Freedom

Saturn teaches that freedom is not about escaping our responsibilities nor is it about breaking all the rules. Saturn shows us that we grow through our failures as much as, or perhaps more than, our successes. This is a time for letting go of self-defeating attitudes that have been holding us back, recognizing exactly where we have been overdoing our expectations, and finding new, perhaps more authentic ways to nurture faith, hope, and vision. We are seeing where we’ve been overconfident, sloppy, entitled, and excessive, and how these things have ultimately contributed to stagnation, frustration, or disappointment.

This transit is about sincerity and authenticity and if it is YOUR Saturn Return it is YOUR lesson to learn. DO not project it onto others and act self-righteous. YOU are the person who is being taught about a lack of sincerity and authenticity on your part. You are being shown your arrogance and out of control wildness. You are being show how your push for “freedom” has imprisoned you in life.

This transit is a good time to enlist the help of mentors, elders, or authorities on matters. With Saturn, “quality over quantity” applies. We might want to use this cycle to focus on and develop one special project in order to empower us in being purpose-driven and to add depth to our lives. Dedication to one or two meaningful pursuits or undertakings can be significantly more satisfying than spreading ourselves around. In order to really benefit and learn from this period, we need to accept that some options may be limited in order to enjoy a simpler, more fulfilling life.

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On the Right Track

Are you experiencing your Saturn Return in Sagittarius? Would you like to check and see how you are doing in terms of Saturn in Sagittarius? Examine yourself by asking these questions:

  • Am I taking advantage of opportunities to be adventurous in my life?
  • Am I expressing my natural wild nature in committed relationship?
  • Am I committing to a work project, a marriage, a baby, an authentic career choice?
  • Am I frozen in place or stagnating because I will not make a decision and take a chance?
  • Am I experiencing disappointment because I have held expectations of other people?
  • Am I criticizing people too much (Virgo square energy) and shutting them out or running ripshod over other people’s feelings or involved toomuch with alcohol/drugs (Piscean energy) and suffocating them?
  • Am I hanging out with inauthentic people?
  • Am I being unrealistic and superficial (Gemini opposition energy)?
  • Am I tired all the time and feeling low energy?
  • Am I depressed or aware I am repressing anger?
  • Am I fearing making commitments and feeling beaten upon or am I making commitments (marriage, having a baby, changing career, taking a promotion etc) and gaining in life?

Something good to do during a Saturn Return is to surround yourself with people who are wise in ways you are not, who are comfortable with emotions and hard work. In other words surround yourself with Earth sign people – people who have a Sun in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. These folks are grounded and real and that is what Saturn and Saturn Returns demand. Got a Saturn in Sagittarius (meaning you are turning or have recently turned 30 in the last year)? Grow up. Get real.

You can always run away, but you will realize after your Saturn Return passes that you failed a BIG test, lost the opportunity to gain a real life and gain wisdom and that the consequences will be with you for a long time. It is always very saddening talking to 32-year olds who ran from their Saturn Return call to grow up, accept the consequences of their choices and commit. Their stories carry the same sad theme of loss and stagnation, even when they try to laugh it off.

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