Saturn in Sagittarius: Having Faith, Changing Your Beliefs and Opening Your Mind

Saturn in Sagittarius, like all Saturn transits, is taking us all through our paces. However I must tell you we have it rather easy with this Saturn transit. It is not like Saturn in Scorpio where we got pushed down into the depths in order to address issues of how we integrate sex, intimacy and money into our lives. This Saturn transit is one I think is easier — and in line with Sagittarius – FUN!! Sure, we must discipline (Saturn) ourselves and create new structures (Saturn) but this is around faith, thought, philosophy, freedom, yes, fun. We have an opportunity to get focused on how we expand out minds and our worlds. Education, learning, teaching, religiion, faith and freesom can expand greatly and become a more effective part of our lives.

Education and Teaching

onlinelearningAre you ready to begin teaching people? Now is your chance to expand by teaching others what you know. Are you ready to learn something new? Now is the chance start that degree, take that online course and learn that new skill. Get that diploma or credential. Examine how you use the knowledge you have and what knowledge you need to gain to get where you want to go.

Speaking of online teaching, this could be a time when online learning, which ha begun to boom, comes under some structer rules, laws and regulations. It might be initiated by the creators of the course. Maybe it will be that more people put the courses they create on their own websites instead of giving 30-50% of the profits to marketing platforms. The entrepreneur can benefit during this transit by being disciplined and driven in teaching. I know that is certainly what is happening with me.

Open Minds, Freedom Expanded

Jupiter rules Sagittarius so we will not get such an oppressive feel during this transit. Saturn will help you gather your thoughts, support you in questioning your beliefs and ground you as you make changes in your faith and who you trust. Sure, there may be some fear of disapproval or loss of freedom, but in the end, you will end up more free, more open and more learned because you discipline yourself.


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