Scorpio Solar Eclipse – November 3, 2013

Scorpio Solar Eclipse – November 3, 2013

scorpiofireThis solar eclipse will occur at 11°16′ Scorpio  at 4:50 am PST/ 7:50am EST/ 1:50pm CEST.  The opposition point will be 11°16′  Taurus. New moons signify a new cycle, new beginnings, and rebirth. Look for new insights and rebirths in your life.

It will be visible from the Africa and the Americas. Anyone with personal natal planets and points at approximately 2 to  degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) are and will be feeling the effects most intensely. Those with planets at 9° will also be feeling it as we have several planets at that degree around this eclipse.

It will last almost six (6) hours, so the  affects of this cardinal lunar eclipse will be felt for about six (6) months, until April 29,  2014 when we have a solar eclipse in Taurus.

With the spotlight on Scorpio and Taurus, the keywords are transformation, determination, focus, money and sex.

This New Moon asks us all to do some intense introspection. Whether it is in our personal or public lives, we must replace the old, stagnant, lifeless relationships and situations with new life, re-birthed energy and intense transformation. We mst launch new goals and achieve them. We can do so now and over the next six (6) months.

On a personal level expect changes and surprises related to your finances, sex and intimacy, and renewal in stagnant areas of your life. Because Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio so close to the eclipse, expect that you will not begin to see the changes and progress begin in earnest until after the Mercury direct station (November 10). More accurately, look to November 12 for definite signs of progress. Until then, be judicious with your finances, careful about any travel plans and both exacting and patient with any form of communication.

Wherever Scorpio is located in your chart is the area of life where you will be called to live in the present moment, be open to reflection, rebirth, renewal, regeneration, restoration and merging with another person or group of others to create something you cannot create alone. Yes, this could mean sexual intimacy that results in a pregnancy, but it can also mean producing something of value that is a result of severing ties with the past and being open to newness in the present.  This Scorpio solar eclipse is about severing ties with juvenile relationships and people in order to form mature adult intimate relationships.

How will this affect YOU? It is your Ascendant that determines what houses the planets transit and where aspect and events such as eclipses occur. If you do not know your Ascendant or Rising Sign, order a natal chart. Once you have your Ascendant, look for it here and get a handle on how the eclipse will affect you:


Aries Asc: This solar energy is asking you to stop fighting and trying to be control in your intimate relationships and in the intimate areas (finances, sex, spirituality) and allow transformation to occur through merging.

Taurus Asc: Seek renewal in your personal 1-1 relationships (marriage or other seriously committed types) an business.  Dig deep into the connections, especially as they involve intimacy, sexuality and finances. Be honest, no matter how painful. It gets better — much better.

Gemini Asc: Seek mind-body-spirit balance by bringing in the body and spirit. Start exercising and take up some spiritual practice. Life is not all about the mind and flow of information. Get beyond the superficial and into the depths.

Cancer Asc: Begin anew with pleasing and pleasuring yourself. Find ways to nurture yourself first before you take care of others. Healthy human connection depends on two people who know how to take care of themselves in addition to caring for others.

Leo Asc: Transformation and renewal comes in the seat of yourself, in the foundation of your life, that is, within home and family, for you. Let the intense need for a family and home, with all its intimacy and acceptance, in whatever form that takes, manifest in your life in the next six months. It will change your life forever. Be open to arrivals, births, departures and deaths in the family, and new beginnings and endings in your career life. Again, all of this will forever change your life for the better.

Virgo Asc: Allow yourself to regenerate creatively and stand on your own two feet and make your voice heard. Communication will be the primary tool of transformation. There may be passionate, heated, sometimes intense conversations, but they are necessary to make it clear to all that there’s a new you in town, for many years to come. Do not try to be manipulative or overbearing with power words. Honesty and integrity result in solid relationships.

Libra Asc: Your sense of self-worth, the thing you value, the money you earn, all undergo intense inspection rebirth. Your partners in finances must be worthy of you and you finally realize this, sparking a reconfigured relationship with them.

Scorpio Asc: What is not working for you gets removed and intense transformation, with the power to make it happen, is coming to the forefront for you. You are a force to be reckoned with and you will likely achieve any new result you desire. This is your personal new moon.

Sagittarius Asc: Seek renewal in your spiritual life and expect that you will want more time alone than usual, for meditation and regeneration. You will come to some new understandings of self and some new, deeper beliefs.

Capricorn Asc: Your will and power as a leader within groups and associations will be transformed. Your leadership skills will be tested and what is not working well for you will totally break down so something new can grow in its place from the ashes.

Aquarius Asc: Redefine your public image. All your mistakes and failures, at work and connected to your personal/home life,  will be exposed to the public now and people will be discussing you. Positively transform your life and reputation through authentic, upright and intimate connections with the people who truly matter.

Pisces Asc: Seek new ways of handling sexual and money matters as hey relate to people in your life of different backgrounds and cultures or foreign places. Juvenile mishandling of your sexual and intimate life as well as finances must end now by choice so the new abundance can begin. Justice must take place. Fairness must be reborn in your life.

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