Self-Undoing, Stress and Explosions – Aries Full Moon Day and Two T-Squares

Self-Undoing, Stress and Explosions – Aries Full Moon Day and Two T-Squares

It is a harsh day. Already people are calling to say their limits have been reach. Already today I have dropped four people from my call-in customer list because of their rude and selfish behavior, which included trying to get a reading without paying or it. I warned people earlier. Now I am closing doors or rather dropping people from my list or wasting my time once too often or bveing immature and selfish.

It is a ZERO TOLERANCE  day for crap!
selfundoingstressMars, Saturn and Neptune are in a t-square in the mutable signs of Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.  In a positive way this would mean taking action based on having faith, in order to ensure the right things gets done. Making sure you do the right thing in your actions and say the right things with your words, such that there would be a spiritually uplifting result. But I think there will be more confusion, deceit, anger, seflishness and rash behavior or outright avoidance, more than anything else…..thus, doing the wrong thing. It will cause losses, make people set their boundaries and some will find their world is much emptier because they lose something that was valuable.
More likely, people will feel unsure of what to do.

What makes this even more pressurized is that a second t-square is weighing in in the cardinal (control, leadership) signs involving the Sun in Libra, Moon in Aries, Mercury retrograde in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.

People with personal planets in these signs are especially (but not only) prone to pop off and do something shocking, violent, selfish, harsh and rash to try to control of manipulate people unless they have a high degree of maturity. I realize that some people perform well under pressure.

We need LEADERS. We need people who have SELF-CONTROL.

If you cannot practice self-control these next few days, work alone, take time off, go find some space alone. If you around this energy, either do the right thing and stand up as a leader in a humble, focused and gentle manner (you can still get things done) or go find someplace to be alone and out of the fray. Being frustrated and raging against the time and material restrictions you have is a waste of time.
After Wednesday there will be fresh air for everyone. Until then, stop putting yourself and others under stress because in the end you will regret it.


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