SENSITIVE & SEXY: Moon in Cancer Weekend – May 30, 2014

SENSITIVE & SEXY: Moon in Cancer Weekend – May 30, 2014

misunderstandingsIt is a Moon in Cancer weekend as the Moon slips from Gemini into the cardinal sign of Cancer at 7:13am PDT/10:13am EDT/4:13 pm CEST (Europe). We will be awash in the energy of misunderstanding and sensitivity in communication as well as a more powerful, albeit temporary, aspect that will give us support.

Mercury, the plant of the mind, communication, conversations, all things mechanical and transportation (particularly locally), is already in Cancer and now is about to retrograde. Joined together these two signs mean communication this weekend can be a bit dangerous because people will be very sensitive and taking things personally.

The Moon in Cancer, however, is a very comfortable energy as the Moon is the planet Cancer rules. Things like home and family, eating good food, relaxing and being at home are all Moon in Cancer activities. So, enjoy your family, friends and the comforts of home. The only precaution is that each of us must be careful of the content and tone of our communication. Watch what you say and how you say it. Watch what you do and how you do it. Be absolutely sure the other person is not perceiving something differently than you intended it to be.

The Sun in Gemini is also trine Mars in Libra and that gives us the energy to accomplish hard or heavy tasks, particularly mental ones such as organizing events. Romance and sex also get a boost and people who normally spend a lot of time TALKING will get around to DOING. There is a feeling of vitality in the air.

Have fun and enjoy the weekend

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