September 11-17: Eclipse Week – Battling To End Fear

September 11-17: Eclipse Week – Battling To End Fear

Good Monday Morning!!

It is a mammoth battle of Intuitive vs Analytical. Emotion vs Logic. Feeling vs Doing. The Pisces lunar eclipse that occurs Friday September 16, 2016 at 12:05 PM PST / 3:05 PM EST / 6:05 PM CEST (Central Europe) at 24° 12″ Pisces  will drag us through the mud that water and earth make, then we will come out the other side, clean and sturdy, ready for for detachment and action. The challenge is to get through the week calmly!

Fear and Anxiety

We are starting out a week that will end with a lunar eclipse in Pisces which will bring the last year’s fear and anxiety to a head. Even this week you will feel the energy as you find the inner strength to stand up to the lies, deceit, manipulation, and fear mongering. It means you may do a bit of warring yourself, in standing up to those trying to control you through dishonest means.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse has some painful aspects accompanying it:

Mutable T-Square (Mars/Sun/Moon). The Moon in Sagittarius is square both Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo. Dealing with the emotions (Moon in Pisces) being deflected by deceit and manipulation that are in conflict with logic and facts (Sun in Virgo) will likely bring out arguments, aggression, anger, impulsivity and volatile expressions. It will take very calm heads and measured words to deal with situations and relationships. The winner will be the one who remains calm and insists on facts and logic.

Chiron conjunct Moon: The Full Moon is nestled up tight to Chiron. This will bring a resurfacing of old wounds; however it brings them up for healing, as Chiron is the Wounded Healer. The danger is that people will want to get personal and take things personally and be reactive instead of sticking to facts and logic. Virgo likes facts and logic. Virgo deals beter with doing the work necesssary to heal; it does not like swimming in the ocean of emotion that Pisces prefers, because one can get lost and/or drown.

Handling The Lunar Eclipse

It  is a week to be calmly responsive, take deep breaths, meditate, journal or do some cognitive (talk) therapy.


You can see the full chart with aspects here. Look carefully at situations where you are around dishonest and/or manipulative people, people with an agenda, drug addicts, alcoholics or mentally ill people. These are the Neptune signatures that have been dissolving and warping our worlds for the last year. Saturn square Neptune has been truly challenging!

Be prepared all this week for situations to arise in which Neptunian people will try again to dupe you into believing their delusion. They will even try to manipulate you into believing delusions about yourself. Stand firm and demand absolute indisputable proof (read: facts) of everything they say — not half-truths and mean-spirited accusations.

Neptune in Pisces has been destabilizing everything Saturn in Sagittarius has tried to solidify. But it is soon coming to  an end.

Saturn Trine Uranus: Healing Is Coming

Remember that also starting at the end of the year in December we have a glorious Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries that will bless us all. That Fire trine will put determination, creativity, inspiration and power through and beneath us so we can accomplish great things. Uranus in Aries will not be full of war, radicality and bloodthirsty aggression and rage anymore. It will be more assertive, pioneering, creative, “making-it-happen” energy that is supported with the interplay of truth, expansive thinking, humor and joy, humanitarianism and freedom of movement. We will get a taste of this on Saturday, after the exact eclipse!

Short Forecast

What can you look forward to this week besides the eclipse?

Today, Monday brings a Venus in Libra square Pluto aspect early in the morning. Your dreams or waking taste in your mouth may well be of jealousy and passion.

Tuesday comes with Mercury in Virgo square Mars in Sagittarius. Expect arguments and then some feelings of incompetence in expressing yourself. Miscommunication will reign with a Mercury conjunct Sun aspect. Instead of talking, use the time to organize your drawers, clean house, get your health together, and improve your work habits. The Sun  in Virgo square Mars in Sagittarius will give a foretaste of the eclipse. BREATHE deeply, and go for a brisk walk or a hard run. Have some good sex or masturbate a lot. Use the Martian energy!

Thursday tramps up the eclipse energy with Sun in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces  at 1:27 AM PST / 4:27 AM EST / 10:27AM CEST (central Europe), followed by the aspect of transiting Mars in Sagittarius square Chiron in Pisces several hours later at 8:54 PM PST/ 11:54 PM EST / 5:54 AM CEST on Friday morning in Central Europe.

We have the eclipse on Friday with all its energy and then on Saturday after the drama is peaked, Mars in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries empowers us with the inspirational, creative and physical  enthusiasm and energy to overcome obstacles.

Remember this over this week: Avoid FEAR, deal only with FACTS

Need help navigating this week? Get a Tarot or astrology consultation to examine your challenging situations! Spend 5-10 minutes getting clarity and insight about what you cannot see.

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