Breaking Bad – September 13, 2015 – Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse

Breaking Bad – September 13, 2015 – Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse

The UCONN Huskies girls basketball team is one tough bunch of young women. They are a victorious team with a long history of wins. They are a diverse group of young women who work together and have shown that that women can play that sport with all the gusto and professionalism of men. They are living proof of the value of bucking the rules and demanding respect and equality.

We have a strong, significant solar eclipse  — a Blood Moon — with this New Moon on September 13, 32015 at 2:41 AM EST  at  20º 10’ Virgo. It falls late on the day before in the West Coast of the USA and in the early morning working hours in Central Europe.  It is also Ros Hoshanah, the Jewish New Year. No matter what time it falls, the echo of the doors closing and the new beginnings starting will resound around the globe. It is about the coming together of diverse teams, the breaking or old and worn conservative rules and the demanding of respect and equal treatment.

Sabian Symbol – Breaking Free from  Old, Outdated Rules

The Karmic degree (representing the actions and expressions that have been circulating before the lunation) is Virgo 20. An automobile caravan. The keywords or phrases associated with it are about how social life can become exhausting, you are looking for vacation and time to relax, ready for new experiences. uconnjhuskies2015You have been riding a wild very public journey, horns blaring and honking, lights flashing and maybe even hydraulic lifts pumping on your pimped out ride and the pimped out rides of your social circle. . Before this lunation, you have become exhausted by the the social life you were leading, perhaps realizing it was taking you nowhere. Many are realizing they have been living an inauthentic life, with a false facade on the Internet  and it has netted them ZERO real friends and connections. You have, after much thought, decided to take a new direction or course of action. This sets the framework for the New Moon solar eclipse.

The Sabian Symbol for this solar eclipse lunation is Virgo 21. A girls basketball team. The keywords are about having the courage to confront old habits, traditions or ideas, competition, someone who is underestimated can surprise other people and/or the issue of equal rights may become actual. There is great possibility that someone will issue some hard conservative rules and dare someone to go against tradition. The shock will come when someone actually decides to buck the “rules” and break off from the other person/people. You may have the courage to go against the conventional, tradition or something/someone conservative — just be prepared that this is likely a lasting break, albeit a healthy one. People should not be laying down hard rules to manipulate and control other people. That is not love.

This is energy where a male will leave a female’s life, demanding equality or a woman (especially a Virgo) may cut a male out of her life because of the issue of someone confronting and going against what the more conservative person is demanding. That person will certainly see you as “breaking bad” for not allowing them to buy your love, buy your submission or bribe you away from something/someone you passionately desire

Love, teamwork, having compassion, respecting differences, accepting diversity and working together are what this lunation is requiring.

The Quest degree after this eclipse (representing the energy and events you will see occur after the lunation)  is Virgo 22. A royal coat of arms. The keywords about where you are heading after this eclipse are focused around issues of authority, social power, strong desires, conflict, fights, fortune. This degree indicates that as a result of what you do at the eclipse, the “fallout” will be that there is an issue with someone in authority over you or who tries to exercise authority. Your may well face conflict, fights and gain or loss of fortune as a result of this between September 10 – October 16 in particular. If not, it will come to the surface in six months. What you do NOW is critical. Do the right thing at the Virgo New Moon solar Eclipse on September 13 (including 3-7 days before) and it will be a hard but you will know what it feels like to be victorious. Do wrong to have ease in the present or bend to someone’s will and take a payoff to live as they want you to live, and you will suffer repeatedly for a long time, if not permanently

What is very good about a new moon solar eclipse is that while it brings an ending to a situation that needs to end, it also brings a NEW BEGINNING that allows a new door to spring open in your life. If a relationship ends, a new one that is better for you and more satisfying will be available and yours for the taking. Open your arms and receive it. Run through the open door and jump in its arms. Get everything while the getting is good!

The opposing degree, which is a degree representing the status quo and staying stuck in the old energy, is Pisces 21. A little white lamb, a child and a Chinese servant. The caution is that you should not make yourself a martyr, sacrifice yourself like a lamb marching to slaughter or bow in silence to someone dominating and enslaving you in any form. Stand up and demand respect by treating yourself with respect. Do not allow someone to buy your soul, body or mind. DO not take bribes to go against your internal sense of right and wrong. Do not walk away from love to please someone else’s sense of duty.

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