SERIES: New Moon In Cancer 2014

SERIES: New Moon In Cancer 2014

hulogostore500I am a great believer in being prepared. You can never be too prepared, I think, which is natural because of my Virgo placements. I enjoy writing these blog articles for all of you because I know that reading them helps you to make decisions for your life.

We have a delicious New Moon in Cancer coming in two days, while beneficial, plump, juicy, nurturing Jupiter in Cancer is still with us. it is something we should all take advantage of in our lives. We have the opportunity for a new start, even while Mercury retrograde in Gemini is slowing down to a direct station. To empower you to do that (to get a new beginning) I have collected the posts related to this New Moon so you can review them.

You can find the posts on the New Moon in Cancer (June 27, 2014) here:

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