SERIOUS MOONLIGHT: Full Moon in Capricorn 2014

cancermoonOver the weekend, we will experience outside us and within ourselves an intense Full Moon on Saturday July 12, 2014 at  20º Capricorn at 4:25am PT/7:25am ET/1:25pm CEST in Central Europe.

The energy of this full moon is about emotional release and letting go, as Full Moons are about fulfillment and endings (clearing the way for a new beginning elsewhere or with someone else).  Just two weeks later we can see the full picture of the new beginning at the New Moon.  This Full Moon on Saturday tells us to release people and situations where there has been darkness, lies and manipulations around business or family/children. Has your business partner been lying to you and manipulating you?  Are there lies around family and home?

It’s Business and It’s Personal

Have you recently realized you have been involved/invested in a business that you would be ashamed to have publicly associated with your name? Did you find you have been involved in a deceitful and dark business deal, shame or investment that would damage your name and reputation if it became public?

Marie the Manipulator

On the personal side, have you experienced something similar to a client of mine?: Steve  shared with me that he realized with deadly horror this week the darkness he was involved in through associating with a woman named Marie who for years has been lying and manipulating others for years. He always thought it was wrong but couldn’t stop himself from associating with her even when he knew she was harming people. Sometimes he had employed her to hurt other people for him so his hands would not be dirty. More recently, Marie turned it on him, blackmailing him for money and hoping to get a sexual relationship out of him or even marriage. She grew up poor and sees him as a meal ticket in life he has realized. She is a controlling and manipulative woman.  In the last several months she pulled an elaborate game of manipulation to force him to marry and financially support her. She has for years inferred to people that they have a relationship. Steve went along with the ruse because it gave him an excuse to not commit to another woman he knew he should have already married. This controlling manipulator while making sure people knew she was in town visiting him, had a one night stand with another man. Then, Marie had people think it was his child and told Steve if he did not want to marry her she would make him look like he abandoned her and (the other man’s) baby.  She started collecting money from the biological father and from her family but that was not enough. When she learned of some of his obsessive sexual behaviors and his sex-related business dealings, she financially blackmailed him, demanding so he pay her a large amount of money or she would tell. He called me wondering what to do, now that he painted himself into this dark corner. Our session, thankfully, helped get him back into the light. It involved him having to end that association. 

More specifically, the energy of this Full Moon in Capricorn 2014 is about emotional release and letting go of situations and persons,around the themes of:

  • work
  • career
  • vocation or calling in life
  • name and public reputation
  • home
  • family
  • serious relationships such as marriage or a business partnership

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, wants things done right. Capricorn decrees that you must build up and maintain a solid  professional reputation and a reputable secure family life. Pluto in Capricorn is tearing down and destroying whatever stands in the way of getting it right. You are playing around with falling bricks falling from the sky if you continue on the wrong path. The Moon in Capricorn conjoining Pluto in Capricorn demands you come clean about your dark secrets and dirt and begin playing fair and building a good name and reputation as well as family life.

Mighty, steady Pluto, which is transiting Capricorn, will reinforce the message beforehand today (Friday) as it conjoins the Moon this afternoon. This will start the weekend on a SERIOUS note. We will have Moon conjunct Pluto from 2:13pm PT/5:13pm ET/11:13pm CEST  until  5:24pm PT/8:24pm ET  (which is 2:24 a.m. CEST on Saturday July 12 in Central Europe). That is three intense hours. Perhaps only the folks in Central Europe, who will be sleeping for the most part, will not get the brunt of this energy. The vibration will linger over the weekend.

The Moon is in its “fall” in Capricorn so it will be natural if people choose to end dark, negative, heavy emotional patterns in their lives. You could choose to stop behaving in certain ways towards someone and choose to begin behaving in a new and more positive manner.  Or you might be forced to do so because the other person will not accept your cold, detached,  passive-aggressive or angry behavior anymore.

Some people will either choose or be forced to face certain issues in their personal lives around creating family, marriage, children, family or origin and the home. Others will be forced to  (again, if they do not choose to) face issues around their name and public reputation and their professional lives and businesses in which they are involved. Change or be changed is the message for this weekend. Being involved in situations which clearly are not healthy and positive must end.

The (Moon)Light of Change

If you are physically drained and emotionally confused, it is your doing. You have made bad choices that have resulted in the breakdown and exhaustion of your mind and body. Now you are called to change and stop. Choose new behaviors. Release these things and move forward with life-giving pursuits and people who are healthy. You have been shown the snakes in your life. Kill them and move foward. Some endings will occur most shockingly as the Moon sets off Uranus, the planet of shocks and surprises, on Saturday.

Take this weekend to embrace Cancerian energy and focus on being with your family. Spend time playing with children. Get engaged and announce a wedding — while it will not be a romantic relationship, the marriage will be lasting and profitable. Under this serious moonlight commitments will be kept. Make love with your spouse with the intention of creating a baby. Talk gently about any issues you have between you and be willing to end patterns of behavior that have hurt your relationship — and your partner can surely tell you what those behaviors are if you are open to listen. Keep your emotions even and do not react quickly to situations or comments. Be slow and deliberate in your words and actions, and be THANKFUL for the blessings you have.

If you cannot be with family, lay low. Mediate or pray. Read spiritual or fun fiction books. Avoid angry or emotional communication because otherwise there could be a shocking, surprisingly nasty exchange (especially with people who have Sun in Aquarius or any other personal planet in Aquarius. The very spiritually unaware will be looking for a fight and want to lash out with malice). 

Have a good July summer weekend and call me for a reading if you would like insight on anything.

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