SEXUAL HEALING: Mars in Scorpio 2014

SEXUAL HEALING: Mars in Scorpio 2014


Mars in Libra, that long transit from the Underworld (LOL) was a frustrating and arduous journey through the 3rd house of communications, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles,  neighbors and domestic travel for me. It also included a rest on my IC, cusping my 4th house and dragging on into my 4th house. I t was extremely difficult to express anger or to take action on matters that needed to be addressed. Passive-aggressive behavior was around every corner and forward movement was frustrated and blocked.

Now, it is solidly, in Mars in Scorpio, in my 4th house and for the first time since late 2013, my ability to make quick decisions on communication matters is in place. I am now able to make decisions and take action on emails, telephone calls, internet communications and letters. I am getting documents written, my book writing has become unblocked and speeded up. I am in fact, writing intensely. What a release!

The Mars Retrograde Cycle

Mars retrogrades every two years, staying in one sign for approximately eight months. It is occurring on even numbered years. We experienced the retrograde during Mars  in Libra this year, 2014. In 2012 it was  during Mars in Virgo; in 2012 it was during Mars in Leo; in 2010 it was during Mars in Leo; in 2008 it was during Mars in Cancer etc. Think back to those years. What was happening for you?

Mars in Scorpio 2016

The next Mars retrograde will occur during Mars in Scorpio in 2016, and Mars will be in Scorpio for seven (7) months from January 4, 2016 – August 3, 2016. Consider that whatever you are experiencing now is only a foretaste of the intensity and depth you will be experiencing for the first seven (7) months of 2016.

Sexual Healing through Mars Conjunct Saturn in Scorpio

Mars is pure sexual energy. It is aggressive. It is the phallus, the penis. It is raw sex. It wants it and it wants it now. Saturn is about limits, restrictions and restructuring. Working together, these two are striving to restructure and being healing to your sexuality and sex life.  How? Through making you aware of the issues of submission and power

Saturn in Scorpio has been demanding we do the hard work (Saturn) to review our sexual and financial past (Scorpio) and unpack/unveil all the false, shaky, shameful stuff. Then we must throw out those things and rebuild (Saturn) and strong and solid structure (Saturn) around our memories of our parent’s sexual partnering, our record of intimacy in relationships and our sexual history. We must create a new foundation and and a new home (our bodies) for our power and sexuality.

sexualhealingMars in Scorpio brings up those feelings of anger, envy, jealousy, and fear — especially of loss of power to someone or something. It makes us think about what we want sexually and it grabs our kundalini energy right in our crotch  and send it driving upwards. We want sex. We want intimate relations. But to have sex involves power issues. We must deal with how we treat ourselves, how we allow others to treat us and how we treat others.

Now during August is the time to explore your ego,  intimacy, attachment and sexual issues. You must get in touch with your authentic desires and possess yourself, not someone else. Then you can be in a relationship with someone and do down deep. You can surrender without giving up power. You can be in control without abusing and harming. You can connect sexually and you can experience sexual healing where there has been wounding.

The sexual healing comes when you take your power, plunge in deep and submerge yourself without holding back anything. The sexual healing comes when you surrender yourself, fully open up, embrace and take it all in. The sexual healing comes when you take action and stop standing on the sidelines, full of fear and restrictions.

Men or masculine power has for all time sought to subjugate women and feminine power because feminine power is magnificent and awesome! Feminine power is creative. The womb which receives the phallus holds the power of life within and nurtures it into manifestation. Life becomes productive through feminine power. Masculine power initiate it with e seeds of creativity and feminine power brings it into being.

Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio is about taking action! You must boldly take hold of your kundalini energy, your phallus, your womb and feel the pleasure of it. It is about transforming shame into love. Enjoy your body and enjoy it with another person.

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