Sexy, Wise and Confident Womanhood – The Aries Lunar Eclipse

Sexy, Wise and Confident Womanhood – The Aries Lunar Eclipse

Viola Davis just made history winning the Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama. The Full Moon lunar eclipse in Aries on September 27/28 involves some fixed stars that will have a definitive, albeit hidden influence on we humans and in particular intelligent, strong confident, sexy women.

We choose, of course, our actions, but looking at the planets and stars gives us powerful knowledge about how were are influenced by the universe in which we live. This total lunar eclipse is no exception.

There is a mythic Triple Goddess influence  (Virgin/Maiden, Mother/Wife and Elder/Crone) all over it which will make something very visible for us in the last week of September and in the 2 weeks, 1 months and 6 months after it: the strong, sexy, wise, confident woman!

Viola Davis became the first African-American woman to win an Emmy for best lead actress on a drama series, for her role as a defense lawyer on ABC’s “How to Get Away With Murder”.

“The only thing that separates women of color from everyone else is opportunity,” Davis, an graduate of Julliard, said in her acceptance speech. “You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there.”

The Goddess Fixed Stars

The Moon in Aries comes under the influence of the fixed star Deneb Kaitos (02º 48′ Aries ). This star is located in the tail of the Sea Monster star Cetus. The Tail of the Whale is associated with making big waves and a lot of noise without thought of the consequences. It is about self destructive behaviors and habits that lead to emotional inhibition and restraint for yourself and others.

Moon conjunct Vesta brings emotional security through dedication. Vesta indicates sexual or spiritual purification. There can be a desire on your part to be greatly devoted to your partner, a religious institution or your home. However, the Moon indicates there now some challenge to the implementation of that desire.

Turning to the Sun in Libra, it can be noted that Sun conjunct Black Moon Lilith brings forth the feeling of independence of self and regained power attained after having dealt with abuse of power by figure of power, especially dominant male authorities.

The Sun in Aries comes under the influence of the fixed star Zaniah (04º 00′ Aries). This star in the left arm of the constellation Virgo translates as Adulteress or Harlot. In the Sun it bestows popularity, social success, an abundance of pleasure, and is favorable for marriage.

Sun conjunct Juno, the goddess of marriage supports gaining a sense of identity through relationships, and reveals both marriage and commitment as centrally important to a person, relationship or person. Inherent and of major importance in this are roles and responsibilities of each partner.

The mythic correlations here are Black Moon Lilith as Maiden/Virgin, Juno as Mother/Wife and Vesta as Elder/Crone

With these solar and lunar aspects, and their alignment with these fixed stars, there is some GOOD NEWS here about marriage and  good, popular social standing.  This indicates the sexy, confident, strong intelligent woman will out in the struggle, if there is one. I also indicates that more traditional or patriarchal values in a marriage or any relationship/situation affecting a woman will be case aside in favor of more modern, original, unique approaches to being a partner. Veneration of nature and ancestors will be more appealing than adhering to strict patriarchal religious discipline.


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