Social Support = A FREE Tarot Reading

Social Support = A FREE Tarot Reading


It is no secret that I get many requests (and often demands) for free readings. I do not do that, of course, as this is my professional offering — that is unless I choose to run a special sale or offer.

Today I am doing specifically that.

Why? I am doing it because there is something you can give in even exchange.

There is a Thunderclap social media campaign being run to advertise tickets for an event in San Diego, CA for women entrepreneurs, mompreneurs and career women. It is called Thrive! SAN DIEGO 2015. It is a two day event full of business talks. creative work and spiritual guidance.

The Thunderclap campaign is your chance to support the message to go out on July 18. 100 people are needed , at minimum, for the campaign to go live and launch the message on Saturday July 18.

Here is what you can do:

  1. Click on the link:
  2. Click on “Support with Facebook” (add my support)
  3. Click on “Support with Twitter” (add my support)
  4. Refresh teh page and note what number supporter you are (i.e. #48)
  5. Send an email to tarot (at) with your supporter # and one question

You will receive your detailed  1-card email reading within 48 hours.

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