Solar Eclipse in Taurus 2013 – Plan Your Success

Extraordinary energy, concentrated power and sheer will. This is the potent mix required to break barriers and reach the pinnacle of success

 Sometimes people have ideas for something so simple and yet new, that become lasting features. One of those, I think, is the company Successories. They took a simple idea of encouraging and rewarding people for their efforts, and made it into an awesome company whose products are used worldwide. They do it by creating one word posters with a photo and a short defisuccessoriescommitnition. One of my favorites is”Commitment”

 Commitment is the cornerstone of any success. Commitment means you have intention to make something happen. It means you intend to work hard to achieve that goal. It means that something in particular is of high value to you.

Commitment is just what you must show this week with the solar eclipse in Taurus that is coming in four days on May 9, 2013.

EXTRAORDINARY ENERGY. The coming week’s energies will be given a pre-boost on by the Moon in Aries.  That Martian energy , sextile expansive Jupiter in Gemini, will ignite your communication abilities. You will be on fire – so don’t be surprised if you awaken early and want to get things done!  CONCENTRATED POWER. Saturn in Scorpio is sextile Pluto in Capricorn so you get extra staying power in whatever you choose to do. SHEER WILL. Mars and Mercury conjunct in Taurus will be super-charging your communicative and mental processing abilities and helping you keep moving even though you are digging out of some heavy stuff from the past as you move forward. Finally, speaking of the past, Chiron, which shows where we are blocked or wounded, sextiles that Mars/Mercury conjunction this coming week and provides possibilities for breakthroughs. Venus is ending its transit in Taurus and begs the question: “What is of value to you? What do you really want? How will you get it? What has been working for for you and what has not? Do you want to finally succeed at leaving the past behind and finally finding success? Are you ready to accept that the success might be in a different form than you have been pursuing?”

You must plan your success because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

One of my  clients, Jake, as spent more than 4 years running away from a marriage commitment to a woman he loves because he desires money more than her. Money instead of marriage and love is what he thinks will make him a success in life. Instead of marrying her, he has pursued money-making ideas and failed miserably. He is obsessed with money yet cannot understand why it eludes him. He forms bad associations in order to try to get money. His self-esteem has fallen as low as his finances during all of this. His sense of worth, through past conditioning, is wired into money and materialism. He cannot see that his failures in his obsession to make lots of money have shown him that he is on the wrong path. His success in life, even and perhaps especially materially, will only come from loving himself and commit to marry the woman he loves.

This new moon solar eclipse in Taurus is chance to boost your self-esteem in Taurean values: commitment, reliability, stability, investment, love, and saving. In turn, those values, once embraced and practiced, will externally bring money, good finances, luxury and a lifestyle others will envy. It all starts internally. Youmust commit. You must plan your success.

Start planning for your success today. You have four days. Whatever you set into motion on a Taurus new moon solar eclipse opposed by Saturn in Scorpio will be a long-lasting (19 years) harvest.

Are you committed to THAT much success?

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