Spring 2018 – Blooming and Growing

Spring 2018 – Blooming and Growing

There comes a point in a pregnancy where two things occur. One quiet understanding iis that you are truly tired of carrying around the heavy weight and dealing with the physical changes that comes with pregnancy. It has been a long (almost) year. The second thing is that you understand, deep within, that it is inevitable that this baby is coming. For new mothers-to-be this can be somewhat frightening, Not only is this baby coming, but your life will be forever changed.You are about to shift from quiet waiting to  a new life filled with excitement, action and constant movement.

It is like this with the change of season from winter to spring. Late winter has brought rain and some surprising late winter snow storms or blasts of chilly weather.

Come March 20 in the northern hemisphere, the birth of the spring season is about to change all our lives. That means, you, too. Just as the Sun compels plants and flowers to breakthrough the soil and bloom/grow, the springtime will occur and in many ways offer you the opportunity to bloom where you are, in new ways. You can shed your winter coat of darkness, exhaustion, heaviness, reflection and stillness. You can bloom and reinvent yourself.

Blooming in this season involves three processes that anyone can easily use to bring more joy, hope and new energy into your life (much like a new baby). The three steps are to

  1. purge the past
  2. move forward into the new beginning
  3. face upward into the warm embrace of the new opportunities and people surrounding you.


Purging the past is important. Just as doctors check to be sure a mother is in good health after giving birth. So should you follow up on your emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical health. Anything from 2017 and winter 2018 needs to be released from your life if it is not serving you well. It might means getting help  – and if so, do it.

Moving forward is about choosing to open yourself to the new beginnings in your life: new types of relationships, new types of people, a new job and/or career, new habits, new hobbies, new places to frequent. Make changes in three of these areas and see how you life takes on new color

Facing upward in the new opportunities and people surrounding you is just that. Lift your head and heart, expecting the best. Every morning as part of my affirmations I say “Something wonderful will happen to me to – I can feel it!” — and it always does. Expect the best and it will come. Embrace it, even if it is something as small as a free cup of coffee.

This spring 2018 we have some wonderful collective changes that will bless us all. We are entering the new season under a healing New Moon in Pisces, a universal energy that is supportive of us all in helping us realize we are all connected. Look at how people are supporting the children and teenagers who are organizing to protest guns and gun violence. The Planet Uranus is about to leave Aries where it has challenged us across the planet with radicality, revolution, rage and raucous pioneering changes — and the changes kept repeatedly coming! Our global economy and personal finances were set afire and scorched as people lost their homes and housing prices ran amok. Politics became explosive like a volcano. Sadly there has been war and domestic disturbances such as school shootings that have made children rise up in a new and angry movement demanding change. However with Uranus in Taurus, there will be more steady changes. In finances will involve things such as decisions on virtual currencies such as bitcoin. New changes will come but this time they will be more lasting than has occurred over the last seven years of constant changes. You will be faced with the opportunity to make changes in how you handle your finances and stick to the plan. Over the long haul, the positive changes will make you more abundance.

Jupiter in Scorpio is retrograde as spring starts, giving us time to begin reflecting on things such as the #MeToo movement and the changes we need to mke now that we realize changes must be made in the way women are sexually harassed and discriminated against in Hollywood and in general in the workplace. The outrage has come into the open and now we will work towards creating justice,equality and freedom to work without abuse of power. You have the opportunity to decide your position on these matters and be a part of the problem or the solution

Saturn in Capricorn has already given us a taste of the conservatism and the power of big commerce and corporations. Wall Street and corporations will seek power change in their favor and it will affect you on a personal level in your wallet. The changes you choose to make, if done with a long view, will cause you to grow in some area due to having better structure in your life.

Spring is a season for growth. If you choose to be a fertile garden open to growth, plan for future and stop to smell the roses, as it were, you will find your life will blossom well the next three months. By the time summer arrives, you will have great results. The greatness of the garden of your life will be apparent not only to you, but to others around you. The seeds you planted in autumn 2017 are ready to bloom after a cold winter and harden, frozen ground. You will even have the ability to plant some flowers this spring — the seeds of new ideas, paths and relationships in your life. Water your life with patience and creativity; allow yourself to grow, just as flowers open more and more and grow taller in sunlight.  Be excited to see what breaks through to the surface!.

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