Spring Picnic: April 8, 2015 – Jupiter Stations Direct In Leo

Spring Picnic: April 8, 2015 – Jupiter Stations Direct In Leo

boatingpartylunchJupiter in Leo is gregarious, exuberant, expansive, jubilant, outstanding, bubbly, proud, full of dreams, big-hearted and celebratory.It likes people, food, drink, a party and socializing. Since early December it has been retrograde. April 8, 2015 it stations direct and THE PARTY IS ON!

We are now on the other side of a fierce total lunar eclipse or Blood Moon that saw some serious hard endings for many people. Many doors shut. Things got ugly for people. Now people are feeling a need for some levity, loosening of ties and largesse. It is welcome.

People with Natal Jupiter in Leo have likely experienced quite a bit of isolation, whether self-imposed or forced upon them. Some have seen their finances dwindle. It was not as festive a weekend as it could have been — but you put on a smile and presented your best self.

Jupiter in Leo is a moveable feast. Itis a celestial traveling party. It is a stage upion which people can spotlight themselves or others and play it up big.

I like the sign of Leo. Sun in Leo folks in my life have always been life-of-the-party people, quick with a great story and a light in any room they occupy. They are grae tsocializers and know how to put people at ease.

The Sabian SYmbol for 12 Leo, the degree at which Jupiter is stationing direct on Wednesday, April 8, 2015, is one which portends a collective and individual need to socialize, pontificate, have fun and hang out just for the sake of it.

This is energy that turns an ordinary Wednesday night into Wonderful Wenesday with libations freely being poured into eager cups, delicious food being eaten, and lots of chatter. It might be a planned networking gathering and simply an informal gathering of friends. It is a jovial energy. Leo loves to share so it will be a good time.

There are some people who may feel irritated by the exuberance of Jupiter in Leo in full direct force. They will be feeling that way until Jupiter leaves for Virgo in mid August. Perhaps they should get accustomed to it now.

People with Sun or Jupiter in Leo or a  Leo Ascendants and Some may feel they have had too much of people, perhaps locked inside with family quite often during winter snow storms, but others want to get out of their heads and surround themselves with the lightheartedness of a social gathering.

A spring lawn party ,an early evening picnic, a cocktail party — these are all welcome. The conversation may be trivial but there is the need ad the urge to express oneself and freely so!

Maybe you will want to plan and host a party, providing the venue, music, food and drink, with just the right mix of people.

The precaution I would offer is that you should not be superficial under this energy. Talk about what needs to be discussed and do not ignore or evade issues that are known but have been unspoken.

Under Jupiter in Leo direct it is time to sit down over a meal, share a good bottle of wine and talk about everything in a relaxed setting.  I recommend a good Pinot Grigio or Riesling.

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