Spring Tarot Sale!

Spring Tarot Sale!

Happy Easter/Good Eostara!

It is the season of Spring and the Light is truly shining. We are now in what I consider to be the beginning of a new year. Our sap is rising, lust stirring up and we are on fire and in desire for all things new and renewed. If you are Pagan/Wiccan then you hopefully have created your unique altar with all the symbols of spring and fertility. Christians are preparing for a triumphant holy day on Sunday.

Easter or Eostara was the Teutonic (Gaermanci) goddess of fertility.

Nevermind that Mercury retrograde has us in its grips, having settle in on us just two days after the Vernal Equinox. Not only that, it is a Mercury retrograde in Aries, jamming up the fiery, pioneering, initiative-taking flow.

Frustrations and anger, assertiveness turned aggression, rage, explosions and lack of ability to forge ahead or forge ahead at a good pace, is rampant and expected. Expect delays in anything to do with travel and communication

But I do have some good news!

Spring Into Savings!

You can start off this (new) year with a bonus because of it. Get monthly intuitive Tarot readings for the remainder of the year (9 months), commencing April 2018, for $649. For that you will recieve:

  • One written report with your spread and interpretation
  • One 30-minute telephone consultation with verbal explanation of your report
  • One 30-minute intuitive coach session looking at your transits for the month and what areas of life need your attention and action

You can pay here:

Easter/Eostara Tarot Sale ($649)

You are saving a lot of money because a 1 hours consultation with me would cost $150. You are saving over $1000 and gaining insight and clarity that will supercharge your personal and professional life. You will know how to take massive action in certain areas at certain times, to improve your quality of living.

Your present and future are of great concern to me and I want the best for you. Take advantage of this offer through Friday March 30, 2018 at 12:00 noon PT.



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