Summer’s Venus Retrograde 2015 – Core Values

Summer’s Venus Retrograde 2015 – Core Values

venusretrogradeDetermining what your values are in money and love relationships (dating, marriage, cohabitation, family ties etc) will be crucial for you during this aspect we are about to experience – Venus retrograde. There will be pressure to think with your lower mind and lower body instead of with your higher mind and your head. But if you do, you will regret it even six months later. Friends with benefits” is the wrong thing to do now (and ever) and yet it will be what some will do to compromise themselves and try to get love. The urge to take financial risks and do underhanded and secretive things with money will also be there – and you will suffer the consequences. Venus retrograde draws us down to our core, our spirit and our true purpose around love and money.

Venus retrograde can be used well particularly to purge unwanted items from your home and to alert you to real bargains – where the seller does not recognize the value but you do!

Your core values in money and love will be made know to you this summer and it is also connected to something you learned during another Venus retrograde period eight years ago in 2007. What happened then? What problems arose? What choices did you make? Is there a pattern? Can you do something differently now that you are wiser?

The house in which Venus Retrograde is moving in your chart July 25- September 6 is the area of life where you will certainly be affected.

The Meaning Of Venus Retrograde

So what does 40 days and night of Venus retrograde mean? It means you must dig down deep and ask yourself what you truly value. It also means you must ask yourself if other people in your life are showing you that they recognize your true value. If not, they need to be removed from your life.

This is hard work during Venus Retrograde 2015 because when Venus is turned inward we want to hold tightly to old relationships that did not work out and people who were and are unavailable to us in some way. We are tempted to dwell on the past and not live in the present in relationships. It does not help that old flames also come out of hiding and often try to see what they can stir up during those six weeks.

Remember that you do not need old karmic connections and painful relationships in order to be happy.

If you are already in a relationship and there are problems – those issues will be brought up again for resolution and it will be a “do or die” time where the outcome will determine whether there will be a relationships in the suture. And the future is September 6! The shadow of the retrograde last until October 9 but you will know in early September whether your union will make it or not.

Venus retrograde is also not a good time to start a new relationship if you want it to be long-lasting.

The house in which Venus Retrograde is moving in your chart July 25- September 6 is the area of life where you will certainly be affected. Is it in a relationship house?

In finances, those same bad financial habits got you into trouble then and will get you into trouble now. Do not repeat them, no matter how tempting it seems. They are not the solution.

Is Venus transiting one of your money/value houses in late July?

Overall, tend to your core. Take time to meditate upon what is truly of value to you about yourself, your possessions, the purchases you make, the relationships you get involved in and the people in your life.

The more careful you are about tending to your core values, the more prosperous your life will be after the retrograde ends, and or a very long time.

Here are the dates for Venus Retrograde 2015:

Venus pre-shadow at 14º 23? Leo on Jun 21.
Venus station retrograde at 0º Virgo on Jul 25 ~ 2.28am PDT, 5.28am EDT, 11.28am CEST
Venus as visible evening star Hesperus until Aug 6
Venus into the underworld (transforming phase) Aug 7 – 22
Venus conjunct Sun (combust as Cazimi) Aug 15 ~ 12.22pm PDT 3.22pm EDT, 9.22pm CEST
Venus as visible morning star Lucifer from Aug 23
Venus conjunct Mars. Sep 1
Venus station direct at 14º Leo on Sep 6 ~ 1.29am PDT, 4.29am EDT, 10.28am CEST
Venus post-shadow ends at 0º Virgo on Oct 9

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