SUPPORT FOR SUCCESS: Full Moon in Capricorn 2014

SUPPORT FOR SUCCESS: Full Moon in Capricorn 2014

Supermoon-thumbnailGrounds for Success

The Full Moon Super Moon in Capricorn on July 12 is intense energy. It involves the Cardinal Grand Cross and pressures us into making a change in or life that fulfills what began at the New Moon in Cancer in late June. The message of the Full Moon in Capricorn is that it is mandatory make changes that bring balance between a healthy and productive career and calling in life on one side and a healthy, thriving home and family life. You will get support for success.

The Universe always provides so after you have done what is needed (digging out the dark, scary, dirty, deep truths about yourself and your life)  there is support for success. If you do not move forward the stagnation will take from you of the love, money and growth you think you have secured for yourself.

July 2014: Putting Plans in Action

Mercury re-enters Cancer the day after the Full Moon, bringing the post-shadow period to an end when it reaches 3º Cancer. We will communicate better, more compassionately, more lovingly and most of all we can act more lovingly and move forward with our plans. You can finally give a ring to the woman you realized you want to finally marry on June 28 at the New Moon in Cancer. Now you have cleared away the other messes, old relationship garbage, bad choices and bad habits. You have straightened out your finances and came clean about the things you thought would cause her to reject you or kill any future together. Although it has been hard and exhausting work emotionally and psychologically, you are ready to get engaged, get married and/or conceive that baby. Maybe you made changes at work and cleared out what was extraneous so you could make more profit. It may have been difficult and slow these last two weeks but now things will move forward with lightening speed as a result of your hard world. Capricorn ALWAYS rewards hard work. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Saturn is a hard taskmaster, but in the end you get rewarded. Cancer governs children, home ad family as well as the safety and security of building solid foundations and protecting growth  in a home or business. Mercury governs both communication and transportation and the forward motion of implementing plans and made at the New Moon in Cancer on June 28 can be accomplished. This is AWESOME news!

Jupiter enters Leo four days after the Full Moon, on July 16. This is SPECTACULAR news!! Look for blessings of abundance, expansion, fruitfulness, windfalls and general good energy in all you do to support what you began as far back as the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 12 (June 13 in Europe). You brought negative relationships and situations to an end then because you saw how the excess was depriving you of the carer, vocation, good name and reputation and thriving family and home life you want and need. You put the final touches on that ending at the New Moon in Cancer on June 28, securing finances and maybe even a new home. Now with Jupiter in Leo you are given immense support to fill your new home or business with the good things that will bring alive and nurture your expectant dream of security, stability and growth. Jupiter will be in Leo until August 11, 2015. What are your expectations in money, love, and/or professional and personal growth? If it is well-balanced and not about control and domination, you can easily have it.

Saturn stations direct in Scorpio on July 21. This will give us all a solid push in implementing the plans we undertake this month. Saturn rules Capricorn so there is extra energetic support from the Universe to execute your plans and accomplish your goals. There is strong family and children energy around this, and many people will start seriously planning families and/or trying to conceive babies to expand (Jupiter in Leo) their families. Some who recently conceived under Jupiter in Cancer will learn they were successful in conceiving he new addition to their family.

Due Diligence

Use this Full Moon in Capricorn and the week following it as a way of supercharging your new life. The Full Moon is at one point conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (success, secure growth, business). Capricorn is ruled by taskmaster parent and builder planet, Saturn. Saturn is in Scorpio (sex, money). Be positively selfish by doing your due diligence and looking deep internally to meet your needs. Maintain your own authority. Do not give it away to bosses or business partners. Open yourself to your romantic partner or spouse. Be creative and make babies because you will achieve your goal. Be protective of your spouse and children. Secure your home. Now that you have streamlined your business, you can expand it with new and better products and methods.  Decorate your new home or re-decorate your present home. Open yourself and expand your career and family life. Every serious effort you make in love, money and personal or professional growth will be richly rewarded.

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