I am Specialwoman, the founder of Healing Universe and creator of the Grow Your Tarot Business program. I am a passionate and proud American, entrepreneur, wild woman, coach, consultant, spiritual director, world traveler and constant learner. My goal has always been to empower people through the use of my gifts of teaching, empowerment, healing and personal development. Two of the tools I use in doing this are:

  • Transformative Tarot
  • Evolutionary Astrology

Over time I have come to focus my practice on using Tarot and evolutionary astrology to assist:

Tarot Enthusiasts who want to experience transformation spiritual insight and growth

Aspiring and Practicing Astrologers who are seeking to build or grow their practice

Women Seeking Empowerment & Spiritual Growth to get unstuck and transform their lives and relationships

Aspiring Entrepreneurs seeking to understand and transform challenges in pursuit of their dreams

How It All Began

After graduating form seminary with a master degree in theology and with a journalism degree and experience under my belt, I opened my own spiritual direction, consulting and coaching practice because empowering people is what I love to do and better than working for someone else! I opened up to all my gifts and saw my spiritual life, presence and affect on others became even more authentic and fulfilling. I knew I could help more people and heal people by giving them insight and helping them to better understand themselves and their purpose.

I love what I do because I am doing what I love. 


My nom-de-plume, Specialwoman, is a reminder to myself to have faith in myself as someone who special to God (as is everyone) and to treat myself well. I  had at that p0int in life learned to value myself despite what others might say or think about me. I acknowledged I am God-created and inherent with dignity more than I had ever known before in life. I had to learn that it is important for me to take care of myself so I can be at my best in nurturing others. My clients also affirm me often as “Specialwoman” because I empower them. The name drives some people crazy because they think I am comparing myself to other people, hahahaha.. but if you know me, you know the only person I compete against is myself and THAT should be what everyone does! Always strive to improve yourself!

Passionate Living

My spiritual life is very rich and I am very attuned to Spirit. I am passionate! I spend a lot of time in prayer and I am very very sensitive to people’s spiritual energy and emotions. Therefore, I am an introvert and rather private. But I enjoy being a vessel to communicate Spirit’s guidance in order to inspire, empower, motivate and assist people in being joyful and success in life. My style is very direct, no-nonsense and sometime blunt, but I am always full of love and compassion for all the people I teach, guide, give readings to or for whom I consult.

Women Must Mean Business

Professional Tarot and astrology are “women’s professions” (just like nursing social work, and teaching).  Women are using their spiritual gifts, their intuition, their nurturing nature and their counseling skills. But, sadly, they are making pennies while small groups of business men operate third-party platforms (companies) where they take the millions of dollars per year that these women should be earning. I have seen how third party platforms take advantage of gifted Tarot professionals, much like pimps prostituting women. I know too many women who are Tarot readers, who are struggling house, clothe and feed themselves and/or their family.

I realized that there are many Tarot professionals and aspiring Tarot professionals who are having difficult times establishing and maintaining a thriving and sustainable Tarot practice.  I designed “Grow Your Tarot Business” to equip and empower Tarotpreneurs in a way that has not been done before. Knowledge of Tarot alone is not enough! Depending on third party platforms as your primary income is cheating yourself of income. Women in this industry MUST mean business! I intend to empower them to be outstanding in their profession and with their business.

This detailed and through program can be taken as a 1:1 with me over 3 months or now, at your own pace, via an online course. 

My goal with “Grow Your Tarot Business” is to empower Tarot professionals to reach their goals in having a thriving business that supports them, their families and their dream lifestyle! It makes me excited to get out of bed in the morning!

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